18 Things I've Learnt Before Turning 18

This Saturday I turn the grand age of 18 where you officially become an adult and the whole world is in your hands. I actually can't believe that 18 years of my life is over and I don't think I remember half of it but in the last few years I have managed to learn quite a few life lessons and general lessons so here are the top 18 ...
18 life lessons

1. Go with your gut on any decision you make
2. Don't waste any time on the people who don't have time for you
3. If you have any fears then face them because you may never get the chance again to do something you would never have the chance to do
4.  Spoiling yourself every now and then is always the right thing to do
5. There is nothing wrong with eating until you burst/pop
6. Don't settle for the first boy you see, and don't ever change for him either, he should accept you just the way you are (learnt this from other peoples relationship's)
7. Some people just don't want to listen you to what you have to say, so make them listen
8. Failing at something isn't the end of the world, in fact it is the start of a hard working journey 
9. Have Fun
10. Money doesn't solve all your problems, it can help with them but not fix them that is up to you
11. If you want to stay in and watch back to back Disney films then why not? 
12. If you have a dream that seems possible (even if it costs) go for it
13. Everything happens for a reason, a bit of a cliché I know but 
14. Change isn't an easy thing to get used to but get used to it because it is there to stay
15. Accept yourself for who you are, flaws and everything 
16. Laugh when you can because it helps you even in the most terrible situation
17. Forget about all the things you worried about in the last year or even 18 years because they were all important life lessons
18. Be who you want to be and be the best version of yourself

If you can think of any 'lessons' you have learnt in life let me know! 

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