Personalised Phone Cases/Skins For YOU!

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I personally love anything that is personalised, whether it be my name or something with photos on. It adds such a cool feeling to the item you are using and makes it feel special to you. There are so many things nowadays you can personalise from clothing to shoes, but one that is my favourite is phone cases. Something so simple and sometimes useless because it just sits on the back of your phone can look really pretty and if you have the chance to make it look nice then please make it look nice as it is a lot better than a plain boring colour.
Wrappz is a website that allows you to do this and it doesn't stop you in anyway at all, so you are free to make your phone as personal to you as possible. Wrappz is a place where you are able to go wild and personal anything you have, not just phones but laptops, Ipods and even remote controls! As far as phones go you have a choice of what kind of case you want from normal hard back ones to leather ones that are a bit more luxurious and better for those of us who are always breaking our phones (yes i am looking at you...)  If this sounds like something you are really wanting then just click here to have a look at the phone models to create a personalised case and gather some pictures! If there is a are some pictures you are drying to put on a case then why not use a code??? Wrappz are offering Class and Glitter readers 20% off personalised cases with the code FBFAN2. So get on the site and start ordering!! 

The other cool thing that Wrappz offer are phone skins, they sound odd I know. But all it is, is a sticker that you can put on the back of your phone where a case is meant to be or even put it on top of your existing plain case to change it up a bit!!  If you do want to have something a little different on your phone, then why not try out a phone skin? Just click here to create our own and use the code FREESKIN to get a free one (delivery costs not included) and go crazy because your phone on the outside has to look amazing! 

A big thanks to the lovely people over at Wrappz who have given me these codes to share with you guys, hopefully you can put them to good use either for yourself or friends and family! 


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