Trying to get into Fitness

Trying to get into Fitness

The word 'fitness' is a weird one, i don't hate it nor do i love it. It's more of a love hate relationship that I am now currently getting a little bit more serious about it. Over the last 40 days I have taken part in the DW Fitness Challenge to push myself and really get that summer body workout going. I took a small break in the middle due to pulling a ligament in my knee, completely unrelated to the exercise I was undertaking as I started out slow so that my body can get used to it. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed giving myself a new challenge everyday, it has pushed me to really change my diet, way that I look at life and also it has helped me to feel better in myself.
Trying to get into Fitness
Trying to get into Fitness

I understand that you can't just lose weight like that, and that wasn't ever my aim in the first place I just wanted to have something to give me a push and then I can carry on and I certainly will be from now on. DW were kind enough to set me and a group of other lovely bloggers a huge hamper full of goodies half way through, this definitely gave me the strength to carry on going and keep it up. It was full of protein drinks, food, books and little knick knacks to get through it. After (kind of) successfully completing the 40 days of fitness, I thought that the best way to sum it all up was to share a few tips and gifs to help you get motivated and kick you into that fitness mood! I am no expert in the world of health, so please don't go by everything I say and do what you can and aim to be who and what you want.
In the last 40 days I seem to have completely changed the way I look at regular exercise, it doesn't have to be going to the gym everyday or lifting tons of weights, simply doing a 5 sit ups one day and building up by 5 every day is more than enough. I've also started to walk more, living on a hill is a struggle but each week it was getting a little easier and I could stand it. It is really that simple! 



Tip 1: Keep Hydrated
If you are someone like me who doesn't exercise frequently, then keep a bottle of water with you whilst you work out you will need it. Also a big thing when you are trying to get fitter is to always be drinking water, I have completely cut out anything else apart from water and the occasional cup of coffee, this doesn't only help with your fitness but also your body in general you will feel awake, and your skin will see a big difference.

Tip 2: Only Do What YOU Can
I am one for pushing myself to my limit, but when it comes to exercise I have found that you should only do what you are able to do and what your body can take. Pushing yourself is fine because you get a rush from it, but never do too much that you are in pain or distress.

Tip 3: If you injure yourself then please stop
When I hurt my knee during the process, I kept on going without any fears but then realised that I shouldn't do anything when in pain. Have a rest or do exercises that mean you don't move that part of your body, because my whole leg was unable to do anything I worked on my arms instead.

Tip 4: Make it FUN
The amazing thing about the 40 day challenge was that it was fun, different things to do everyday and talk about so you were doing something fun. A reason why the gym isn't very appealing to me because you will just be doing the same thing over and over again without any sort of change, doing it in the comfort of your own home means you can do what you like and look how you want. Take a break if you feel like it and do it at your own pace.

Tip 5: Set goals and give yourself an incentive
If you are wanting to lose weight, or even build a epic six pack then write the goal down, stick it on your wall and read it every single day. Having a end goal to reach makes everything worthwhile and makes you feel content because you aren't just working out for no reason. Eating healthy and getting fit is a great idea, but you need to have a goal and in my opinion an incentive as well. At the end of the week give yourself a little treat, if you are once step closer to the end goal then give yourself a day off!

I hope that this has inspired you all to work a little harder in achieving your fitness goals, I am hoping to carry on now forever. Doing a little bit everyday has really helped me become a different person.

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