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As you go through your school year essay writing becomes a chore and something that no one likes to do no matter how 'fun' you try and make it. Long nights and stressful deadlines don't help either and the worst thing is when you have to reference the entire thing, me being me always forgets to reference as I go along. This is mainly because there are so many different way to reference which way is the right way!!! Where do what go? What do you include? Well, now all of our problems when it comes to referencing has come to end all thank you to this amazing site called 'RefMe' the app and website that allows to you to scan and create your references and bibliography. All you have to do is sign up and your done! As an example I have used my ongoing A2 English Coursework Piece..

This site it's self is pretty self explanatory, everything is clear to see and the method of inputting each reference is easy as well. If you have several essays on the go at the same time you can split it up into different titles and that won't get you confused either, I titled the first one I created for my A2 English Investigation Coursework. After that I went on to start adding the sources that I used, the first thing I added was a website and it found all the information from the article straight away, the date I went on it, the author everything. 
If you use books the site enables you to just search for the author or the title and then finds all the details, this is the greatest benefit of the entire site in my opinion. Because it saves you having to find all the details manually and write each section up. Another benefit is that there seems to be a whole library full of resources built into their system so if there is a piece of information you can't remember then this will do the work for you. 
Not only is there a lot of resources buy also it allows you to reference anything whether it is just a chapter, a speech, a song or even a map the resources that sometimes make it difficult to write a final bibliography. 
Once everything is into the system you just have to click export and you have all your bibliographies and references at your hand. 
Don't you just love it when sites like also come in app form? The app is available on both Google Play and iTunes and allows you to sync it with anything you do on the website. That way if the savvy student inside you finds something when you aren't near a computer or even you can scan it and then research it later. Genius,

This whole process has been simple and quick, from finding the resource I needed to use to exporting it out into the document of my essay. Compared to any programme like Microsoft Word this is something more. 

If you are currently sat there kicking yourself because you had no idea as to why you haven't used this before or even heard of this then now is your chance to change everything around and start using it! Let me know if you do, because for me it is a life changer and saver! 

*this is a collaboration with RefMe, all opinions as always are my own,read my full disclaimer here*

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