University Interviews 101

2015 is the year that I (hopefully) go to university. It's scary every time I think about it, time has gone really quickly and 5 years ago I never even thought about it and now - it's just around the corner. I have spent the end of December, middle of January and the start of February doing the total of 5 interviews! I was so scared and paranoid that I didn't know what to expect so, I thought I would collate some tips and helpful advice that you could maybe help you if you are going to be going through the same thing. Or even any other sort of interview! University Interviews

BE AS ENTHUSIASTIC AS YOU CAN; The university you are going to, picked you, yes you to go for an interview - go there and show them that you are who you talked about in your personal statement. Don't be scared of afraid, and put in all the effort you have inside of you. Those minutes with the interviewer are the ones that count the most. 

KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT; Don't just presume that you go into the interview talking all about you and what you've achieved. They no doubt, will ask you about your experience to do with the particular degree, maybe even current issues relating to what you are studying. If, and only if you are in doubt of what you are meant to be saying then make a little bit up to help you remember. 

DRESS TO IMPRESS; This is a really obvious one, but one that I have seen that many people mess up on. Don't turn up in jeans or a crop top! You need to wear formal or smart casual, be sure to follow the rule.I wore trousers and a shirt or even leggings, boots and a jumper dress. This way you can be comfortable and look the part at the same time. 

DON'T BE EXTREMELY NERVOUS; The people at the university do look scary and no doubt you will be nervous with your tummy doing somersaults but remember that the staff/lecturers want to know more about YOU and get to know YOU as a person. Research before hand about the course, content, university and the department this way you don't show your nerves and seem knowledgeable.

HAVE EVERYTHING WITH YOU; If you get a brief before hand, or a task like I did for mine then make sure you prepare and rehearse but don't over prepare and rehearse too much. Over practising will kill you because then you start to learn a script and sound more like an actress than a natural human! 
University Interviews

Quick Tips/The Check-list (The No Brainers)
- Be Prepared 
- Be on Time
- Dress Correctly
-Body Language
- Be Confident 
University Interviews

To sum up, be yourself and show them that you are in control of your nerves, your life and your career. If you need inspiration to get in the frame of mind then listen to BO$$ from Fifth Harmony and they will give you a lot more confidence and sass as well. 

Have you any tips for the stressful interview situation?


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