Rediscovered #1 - Sleek Rose Gold Blush

My name is Parie and I am always buying stuff instead of using what I have. Well no more amigos, I am determined to start using up the stuff I have and am pushing myself to finish them so then I have an excuse to buy new stuff. The first thing I am wanting to finish off and start to use again is this Sleek Rose Gold blush which I was obsessed with when I first got it and then pushed to the back of my draw. 
Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Sleek Rose Gold BlushSleek Rose Gold Blush

Since remembering that I had this, I have been using it everyday on my cheeks as a blusher/highlighter. It looks scary when you swatch it especially on my skin tone as it comes out more pink than rose gold, but when on the face it looks like an iridescent glow on your cheeks. 
It is also highly pigmented and last a long time on your face too, I wear it on a everyday basis and it doesn't look too much either. It may look full of glitter and shimmer but trust me it isn't overpowering and is utterly beautiful. 
I was never ever a big blush wearer, and then suddenly over the last few months I have really pushed myself to wear it and this I guess back around this time last year was the thing that started it all off! 

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