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LED Branch Lights

I love decorating my bedroom, I don't always have the budget for it but change up small things every now and then to make it look different! It costs a lot less, than having to completely redo your entire room. The best accessory to change in your room? Light. Lights are something you always need; whether they are in the form of a lamp shade, desk lamp or even the lights on your celling! Changing the light you have in your bedroom can make all the difference! I have recently been loving to add Branch Lights in my room, they are a) pretty b) different to anything else you can put in your bedroom c) easy to get a hold of and use in your room...

LED Branch Lights

These branch lights* are my new favourite d├ęcor item in my room and I am pretty sure you will want to buy some as well! Many branch lights that are available need a power source, but these from the LED Hut are even better because they are battery operated - so you can place it anywhere in your room without having to worry about where to plug it in. 
How STUNNING are these branch lights? I have fallen in love with the way the look and each little tiny ball has been nicely crafted and has also been placed in random positions on the twigs , this in my opinion makes it look more rustic and homely because nothing should be perfect! 
I have also been loving to take lots of pictures for the blog, as it acts like the perfect background for different products. It is also great in this current British winter time, as the LED bulbs are bright and illuminating so it lifts the room and gives you a subtle back light. 

LED Branch Lights

It doesn't even stop there! You can add these branches into different ornaments, pop it in to a vase along with some fake flowers and you a beautiful centre piece! They are so versatile and there are endless opportunities with what you can do with it.  

Buy these lights HERE and be sure to check out the full range! 

*post in collaboration with LED Hut, all opinions are my own*

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