Novelty T-shirts Wishlist| Christmas Week

Welcome to another Christmas Week post! Today I am talking to you all about my favourite novelty festive t-shirts! I love wearing themed t-shirts and jumpers during the festive season as it makes me feel all giddy and excited, today is about t-shirts and maybe soon you will see one with jumpers!  

All of the t-shirts you can see in the image above are from a site called Lush T-shirts who are a online store that feature a lot of different styles of t-shirts with funny and amazing sayings on them! They've recently launched their Christmas range and I am more than in love with, its amazing and there are so many to choose from creating this wishlist was a pain because I had to whittle it down to my top 5 to make it easier! 

Heart Xmas - Buy Here The simplest of all five and by far the one that isn't as obvious and out there! 

Snowman - Buy Here The way this t-shirt is designed is genius in my opinion because the eyes, nose and mouth all look really 3-D and I guess when you wear it, it will look like you're wearing an actual snowman and wearing a scarf round you're neck would be the perfect ensemble! 

Let it Snow - Buy Here This is by far my favourite pick of the lot, even though the black isn't really classed as a festive colour the white writing on top looks so effective and 'Let it Snow' is one of my many favourite festive songs to sing and get me in the mood. I also think the two snowflakes on either side look super cute! 

Mistletoe - Buy Here For all you romantics out there this t-shirt is perfect if you're trying to send a message out to a certain someone *hint hint wink wink*. I'm only joking! I would wear this t-shirt even though I don't have a special someone because the quote is sweet and mistletoe is a classic Christmas item!

Let it Go  - Buy Here Another adorable t-shirt which is available in both white and black has this bright blue font on top to stand out and it seems a little bit Frozen inspired which is even better because who doesn't love that film? Like the snow above, the snowflakes add a little more cuteness! 

Along with these, there are so many others to pick from and all at suitable prices. At only £15 you are getting a cute, original and quirky t-shirt that you can wear many times during the month of December. There are also some funny ones such as 'Ugly Christmas Outfit' and ' This Guy Loves Christmas' with two thumbs pointing at you! 

Buy the whole range of Christmas T-Shirts Here

Let me know if any of these appeal to you, and maybe if you're thinking about buying one?! 

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