A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds| Part 1

A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

Last week, I made my way to Leeds when it was raining, miserable and basically had everyone on the train in a really bad mood. I headed over to Specsavers on Albion St. to be greeted by a team of wonderful people who were going to be showing me around and help me pick out a new pair of glasses. The purpose of the visit was to see what their store is like, learn more about what their brand is and discover more about the ear care and eye care options they have available.
A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

The Specsavers Eye Test
For years I have been going to a local options and let me tell you now they have been cheating me of my money (well parents and NHS) for years and telling me useless information instead of the stuff I wanted to know. I stopped going there about a year and a bit ago because I didn't like the choices of frames I had their. When the store became aware of this, they took my current glasses and tested them to see the prescription of them to then compare.
I had a  pre-test and then an eye test..at first I was a bit taken back and worried because I had no idea what that meant! The pre-test is to check that your eyes are healthy and all well inside, using a special machine the lovely assistant Peter measured the pressure in my eye and took images of my eye to hand to the option later to see if everything is well. Then I called by the option herself to her room for my actual eye examination, this was the part I was most looking forward to as I wanted to see how it differs from my previous experience.
It involved her testing each eye separately and then together, as well as asking me my families medical history as some things can be hereditary. After checking each eye she then made sure that my eyes were able to focus at different distances and then she explained everything to me about my prescription, the condition of my eyes and made me feel so comfortable I felt as though I had known her forever. I believe her name was Kiran, and she was amazing!
A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|
A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

The Styling
At Specsavers they understand that each person is different and not everyone can look by themselves and pick out a new frame that will suit them. So they buddy you up with a frame stylist who guides you through the whole process, the lovely Julia helped me to pick out some awesome frames. The stylists at every store now what they are doing, and by looking at your face shape and features they pick out a range of different frames for you, then you try and see which you like the best. There is also so much choice in this store, in both the women's section and men's, which can be quite overwhelming so having a stylist made life easier!
A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

The store in Leeds and I presume a few stores have a 'Magic Mirror' which is a camera that takes photos of you with each frame on as it can be really difficult trying on new glasses when you can't see what they look like! After taking the pictures, you can look clearly at each image and see which you like best.
Specsavers have a 2 for 1 offer on currently and if not that are always having offers on so I managed to pick up two pairs of glasses that are completely different to anything I have ever owned. I sat down at a little desk with the stylist and she took measurements of the frames on me to see what needs adjusting and making sure that they sit comfortably on my nose and everything is centred.

A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

A Visit to Specsavers in Leeds|

What to Expect in Part 2...
My new glasses, the fitting and all about why our ears are just as important as our eyes!

To find out more about you're visit to Specsavers and what it includes, then click here and watch a cool little animation!

*post in collaboration with Specsavers, all opinions are my own*


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