Getting Organised| Why Lists Are You're Best Friend

Why Lists Are You're Best Friend
Here is a guest post I did recently..
Lists. Such a simple word yet to me and many of you it can mean our whole life, yet there are some people that try to mentally remember everything when they don't need to! Make a list, whether it be on a scrap piece of paper, a notebook or even on your phone; they make all the difference. Here are a few reasons why they are about to become your best friend..
1. A great way to organise your information
If you don’t organize your information, it can be thrown everywhere even a notice board can look messy, but if you take some time to separate it out into different topics or categories it’s a lot less messier and easier to understand.If you're moving house then list what items will go into what room. Simple!
2. They provide a simple structure
If you have to explain something to another human then a list is the easiest way to explain what you mean without using all these fancy diagrams and confusing everyone to death. All you need is the topic of the list and that is it!
3. Plan out your day
If you have a busy day or even week ahead then create a list of what you need to do and order them in highest priority and be sure to do them first. You can break the list up if there is so much to do and remember to ALWAYS give yourself a break! If you have lots of things to do, its much simpler to tackle them in smaller chunks then all in one go. 
5. Make a list about anything
Whatever job you may be doing I am pretty sure that there are things you need to do in work and outside of work, sometimes its the simplest tasks that we tend to forget. If you're a blogger like me, then I love writing lists of different post ideas ect to keep me on track. Along with general everyday to-do lists to help me live a easier life. 
6. They can be fun too
Lists don't only have to be used for all the serious things in life, but also the fun things! I keep a list of all my tv programmes that I watch, I seem to have that many I have to keep track of when the new season airs in the autumn/summer time - without this long list then I would be lost.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and be sure to check out my blog

 Parie xo

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