Empties #2

Another Empties post! I know have a little section in my room that it dedicated to collect the products I have used up! Let's go before we are here all day!
Bourjous Nail Polish Remover // I am depressed that I have finished this pot of fantasticness! I use this all the time to remove my nail polish and need to buy another pot as it is making my life easier and now harder without having it in my life.
Simple Moisturiser// I love this cream for my skin as it is very gentle, but I tried my best to use this up as quick as possible because I find that in the summer it is too heavy to have on and my makeup wont' sit properly. 
Skin Therapy Scrub // I have already repurchased this because it really is that great, from the range that is available at Wilkinsons their cleansing scrub is great to use everyday or even every now and then because it feels great on the skin and removes all the nasty things that starts to build up. 
Tesco Nail Polish Remover// Now you can see I haven't used this up and the reason is because I hated it!! I can't even express how much it bothers me that I have had to keep it until now to show you because the formula of it is horrible and takes ages to remove your nail polish off your hands and it stinks really bad. 
Tresemme Shampoo// Another shampoo bottle because it is something that every girl uses up really quickly, this one for all hair types has been my favourite for such a long time but I wanted to try a new one for the summer so finished it quickly so that I can try more. 
Simple BB Cream// There is a full review of this on my blog so I won't go into much detail but I think that this is amazing for everyday wear. 
Collection Concealer// I am sure that this will be in my empties post quite a lot because I use this bottle of magic up so quickly and the packaging on this one looks awful because all of the writing has rubbed off as well as it exploding in my draw.
Witch BB Cream// Another product that I have hated since I bought it! I love Witch skincare products and had such high hopes for this BB cream but it really disappointed me as the colour is really off the texture is bad bad bad as it feels like glue on your skin. hate it so much!
Benefit Porefressional// A small sample of love. I loved using this Benefit primer and nothing compares to it, maybe one day I will justify paying the full price for a bottle but whilst I can afford I will stick to buying small samples. 
Makeup Wipes// As you can see there are several packets of wipes here because I like to use them daily. Yes, I know that it a big no no in the beauty world but they work perfectly for me and I will carry on using them no matter what anyone says. 


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