Operation Fix My Skin.

Over the past few months I seem to have my skin under control, with a few occasional breakouts here and there. Then I go through stages when my skin is really bad it really needs a good detox, so I have set my self a challenge to get my skin sorted through the month of July and then hopefully by the time we get to August we will be fresh skin and ready. 
  • The first thing I need to do is stop using all these different products and treatments, instead use certain ones because my skin needs stop having all these things slapped on to it. 
  • For those who didn't know my skin is very sensitive, therefore I have to be so careful about the products I use because anything could happen, of course at first you are going to get small breakouts but it will be fine in the end. 
  •  I also need to start drinking lots and lots more water, this includes cutting out the fizzy drinks that I consume every now and then. I guess one is ok but I seem to need it all the time.
  • As well as cutting out the high volume of fizzy drinks, I also need to cut the coffee. I seem to be addicted to it and can't stop drinking so it needs to stop. 
So that's what I need to do, but what will I be doing instead?
  • I swear that I will stick to a skincare routine and these are the products I will be using from Face B4. Who asked If I would like to review some products and take their skincare challenge, sticking to using only one brand and these products night and day will hopefully help my skin. 
I will be sending FaceB4 weekly skin updates so they know what a difference their products are making as well as writing a blog post at the end of July to show you all what a change I can see in my skin. Hopefully it will be noticeable and seen. 
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What is your skincare goal?

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