All Kinds of Pink.

All Kinds of Pink.
This post is all because of Anna from ViviannaDoesMakeup, and her post all about the 'Pink Spread'. Whenever it gets to this time of year I always seem to get really attracted to the colour pink, no matter what shade, tone, colour whatever it is I love it! Now a lot of you may be thinking that the colour pink is a difficult colour but think again my friends. Majority of you must be thinking of that Barbie coloured pink and the colour of tutus but rethink that! The colour that dominated your bedroom in the past can now be a staple in your makeup bag it can come in the form of eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, and nail polish. You can either apply it subtly in places or go strong and play up one feature. 
Blush pinks  look the best on darker skin or pale skin with a rosy undertone. Livelier pinks flatter most skin tones. Just don’t get scared off by the colour, try it out one day and see how to feels and looks: It often goes on sheer and diffused. A cream formula allows you to build that colour up to something more and lasts all day too! Peachy pink blushes are ideal for olive skin.
 If you want to stick with subtle, there’s a loads of sheer shades and glosses that add just a little bit of colour, for example Revlon lip butters are amazing, they are so sheer and the colour can be built up easy! 
Those with fair skin can ease into bolder pinks with a peony-coloured lipstick or just go for it with fuchsia which also looks great with darker skin. 
Just like your favorite black dress, certain shades of pink will never fail to look good on you―like a petal pink polish for darker skin or a paler version for lighter skin. These are classic colours that look amazing on any skint tone, pinks are also amazing on your toes with whatever you are wearing.

Hope you found this useful a little bit, as pink is a gorgeous colour to wear in the summer. 


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