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As well as having a pretty face, full of makeup there are always those girls who have something stuck in their teeth or even teeth that have not been brushed enough. Whereas for me my teeth and skin are the most important things to me. Working on my skin at the start of the year; I forgot about my darling teeth! Until I came across the Pearly's Teeth Whitening Kit* which is a weekly and on the go teeth whitening kit so you can brush in a rush (ooh that rhymes!) or even spend a little extra time every morning. 
Pearly's Teeth Whitening Kit

Pearly's Teeth Whitening Kit
This kit* is the answer to all your problems, there are three different steps/things that you can do to achieve whiter teeth. I am not forcing anyone to brush their teeth, nor am I saying anyone needs to whiten their teeth - this is just something that I like to do and looking after my teeth is my business and yours is yours. 
Pearly's Teeth Whitening Kit
In my household we have all been using the different things, to see if it makes a difference.

Powder* - This is the something that you don't have to use everyday, only one or twice a week to really keep a hold of those super clean teeth in between your dental visits. The powder helps with removing any stains or plaque that may have built up and around your teeth. Best used with a electronic toothbrush to really get it to work its magic.
Foam* - The foam is more something you can use everyday, by simply adding a layer of it on top of your brush every time you go to brush your teeth. It will kill the bacteria that is collating and leaves your breathe smells minty fresh!
Pen* - A pen you say? Yes, that is right this whitening pen that can be used on the go. So if you are in a rush to leave the door or even after a meal out and you need something to freshen your mouth and teeth this is the thing for you. You paint an even gel on to the teeth avoiding the gum area, and keep it away from your lips for around 60 seconds this will then make it dry. Rinse, and avoid anything food or drink related for about 30 minutes just to set it in place. and voilà you have instantly whiter teeth!  

Out of all of these I have seen the biggest difference with the foam, after using it daily on top of my everyday toothpaste it has made such a difference to my teeth. It mixes in with my toothpaste so it doesn't really smell a lot and I will carry on using this to really whiten my teeth on a daily basis! 
My dad has used the powder twice now during the past week, and his teeth have improved soo much! Straight away both him and myself saw such a difference, it removed all the dirt and nasty stuff.
As far as the pen goes, I took it along with me at the weekend and it was amazing, I was able to keep my teeth white all the time!

*this product was sent for consideration of review 

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Heather Nixon said...

I have tried quite a few teeth whitening products and they were not amazing, the best one I have tried is the iwhite set but this pearly's one sounds fantastic x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness