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Here I am again, with another Savin' Pennines posts, this time about vouchers and discounts! There are so many websites out their that you can find out about the latest deals that are going, but after recently discovering Sales Gossip I have never turned back!
Sales Gossip

The only really thing I can tell you about this site, is that when you sign up with a can browse the women's and men's deals from high street to designer! It also lets you know about sample sales that are going on, which are not usually advertised and for me student discount offers!
I decided to contact them through twitter to tell you a lot more information!
Sales Gossip

''SalesGossip is revolutionising the way people shop. A daily style destination for more than 250,000 UK shoppers, SalesGossip features news and promotions for over 900 fashion & beauty retailers. In 18 months, SalesGossip was named one of the best websites for savvy shoppers by The Times, won the RBS EnterprisingU Competition and was awarded the SMARTA100 Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Additionally, the company secured financial backing from several of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK.''
Sales Gossip

Another fun thing that I found out is that they update their style journey (blog) everyday with the latest trends and news from around the fashion world. How cool? You can get on the go information whenever you want!

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