Blogmas Day 7 || What's in my Handbag? ♥

I don’t know how I have managed to be on this blog for over a year and not posted a what’s in my handbag post! I guess the main reason is because I am always switching up the bags I use, therefore if I was to post the contents it would change the next week! However, I have now found a bag that I will be using all the time and the stuff inside is there to stay!
What's in my Handbag

This is my most used handbag, it is from Store Twenty one and was reduced from £15 to £12! I loved the trapezium shape as well as the gold studded detail along the front. If it appears small on screen then I apologise as looking at it with your own eyes – it is huge! Well, I say big but not for me as I like to have a big bag as I put my whole bedroom in it! Inside is even bigger with two pockets and a zip one so even more room than you will ever need!
Let’s start with what is in my bag!
What's in my Handbag

Purse – This is a very old purse from Primark that I got last summer and haven’t stopped using since, it is the perfect size to fit everything in accordingly and has such a pretty pattern. I have been meaning to replace it but I just haven’t found the perfect one to get in replacement.
Compact Mirror – Again another purchase from Primark that I hauled a few months back it does the job and nothing else really. The sparkly pink top lifts to reveal two mirrors, a small one and a zoomed in one which scares me every time I open it.
Notebook* – My mind is always on the go so I have now started to carry around a notebook with me and even though this is big I love using it. This is from Little Birds and you can find out more about it here.
Deodorant + Hand Food – these two come with me wherever my travels take me. I have to have spray with me all the time for those sweaty situations and of course my trustworthy hand cream from soap and glory which tackles my dry hands. 
Ipod + Headphones – When in the car I love listening to music or even playing different games which can become an addiction after a few hours. These headphones are perfect for my weird ears that don’t like to have anything it them. I bought them in the cash and carry for really cheap and love them.
Phone – This isn’t pictured as I use it to take my pictures but I have to of course have my life with me all the time because everything happens on that little device.
Makeup Bag – every girl must needed items in one place. I thought as I have a big bag I might as well but all the beauty related items in one bag so that they are all together. Instead of writing each thing out I took a picture and labelled it all down below after newly teaching myself something on Photoshop.
What's in my Handbag

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