Blogmas Day 2 || Night Time Skincare ♥

To be fairly honest, only recently have I started sticking and following through with a strict night time skincare routine. Without fail every night I used to just use make up wipes, then I converted and started doing the full works so that I knew that my skin was getting a through clean.
Night Time Skincare

I start off first with these ‘Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Wipes’ which removes all the makeup from my face with one wipe and assures me that even sleeping like this is still okay. If I am wearing any eye make up then these smaller compact makeup remover pads come out of the draw as they are amazing! One wipe thoroughly takes off all my primer, shadow and even waterproof mascara – great!

After wiping everything off I then use a facial wash from simple, this brand for me is the best when it comes to washes because they are made for sensitive skin and doesn’t react with me. After washing and patting dry, I follow up with a moisturiser that I am running out of. This clean and clear one is very old packaging but does the job targets break outs and helps to reduce the redness overnight – genius.

My skin in winter gets really dry and after using endless moisturisers I have finally found something that works like a charm. This ESPA serum that I blogged about a few weeks ago is just the bomb, I use it every night on my cheeks and nose to help with the dry, flaky skin. Not lying that this thing is amazing, I have seen such a difference in not only the dryness of my skin but also the brightness of it!

As for ‘treatments’ I always go towards this eye roll on from Q10 for under the eyes, the cool metal roller ball helps to target the puffiness and the liquid that come out of it really helps with my dark circles as they get pretty bad when I don’t get enough sleep. Finally, if I have any upcoming spots or really ugly ones then I use this tea tree post stick that comes with a doffer application and apply it all over the place. When I wake up I can see such an improvement.


Unknown said...

Simple face wash is a HUGE part of my skincare routine - it's amaze!

Just followed you on bloglovin' - I'm over at if you fancy a peek :) xxx

Class and Glitter said...

It is a god send..and following!