a girl can never have too many bags ♥

We all need a bag in out possession that can be used for everything! It can be very difficult sometimes to choose the right, bag or even clutch that matches that very pretty outfit, here are a few of my favourite designer splurges that you should treat yourself to - as you all know we are so worth it!  These are a few of my favourites but you can shop more here or instore!
a girl can never have too many bags

#1 - You can't ever go wrong with a simple black clutch! This one from Vivienne  Westwood is simple,elegant and chic at the same time. No matter what you are wearing, black goes with basically everything! The added gold chain is also a bonus as you can then carry it on your shoulder as well as in the day as it doesn't look too over the top and dressy!
#2 - I believe that you should always have a printed bag hidden away in your collection, I only say this because it always comes in handy. If you are wearing the simplest outfit ever, then pairing it with a patterned clutch like this cheetah print one can really bring your style to light and show everyone how fashionable you are. Cheetah print also looks amazing with a LBD and red shoes.
#3 My must have staple item for all year round, a nude/beige coloured bag will be your best friend in the summer and winter months. You can use it to dress up and down your outfit as the colour just blends well and matches your style perfectly whether you know it or not. If you can get your hands on a big, loose bag like this one then you will not regret it! Everything can fit into this bag and the colour will compliment everything you wear and choose.
#4 Again, with the black. I can't get over the fact that black is such a simple and boring colour however looks amazing with anything. This Marc Jacbos tote bag is amazing for work,school and a trip out somewhere. It will make you look sophisticated and looks like you know what you are doing. There is so much room in these bags that you will be amazed at how much you can get in! The shape and style may take some getting used to, however it is all worth it in the end.

*In association with Harvey Nichols All opinions and choices of bags are my own.


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Inez said...

I love your choice of bags, leopard print is especially my favourite. Now following you on GFC and bloglovin hun, xoxo.

Class and Glitter said...

followed you as well! x