Nails Of The Week; Maybelline 'Coral Craze' ♥

Maybelline 'Coral Craze'

It has been a while since one of these posts! But I am getting back into the nails of the week posts, this is a nail polish colour from the Maybelline Colour Show range that I bought along with some others that you will see next week in a haul! This is such a gorgeous coral colour that is more on the orange side so it doesn't seem more red and more coral - if that makes sense.
Maybelline 'Coral Craze'

Maybelline 'Coral Craze'

I love the formula of these as well, it seems very watery but when it is on your nails it is much more thicker than you think and 2 even coats give you the colour you want. There are some lovely colours in the range which means that I need to spend some money. 
The bottle is also a very cute size and the colour is great for the summer time!


Yanzel Zoe said...

Beautiful color! It suits your skin color very well.

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