Teen Talk Tuesday; The Skin Diet ♥

Heyy! Listen girls, before you even think about loosing those pounds for summer - read this and clear up that skin of yours! There are certain foods that really benefit your complexion, and you shouldn't always rely on these products from the shops.

Strawberries, citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli
Beauty benefit: a smooth texture with a strong layer that prevent wrinkles. Vitamin C is vital for the skin's support structure.

The Skin Diet

Sunflower seeds and almonds
Beauty benefit: sun protection
These seeds and nuts are loaded with vitamin E!  They just act like an army, protecting the skin from UV light. 

The Skin Diet

Dark orange, leafy green and red veggies
Beauty benefit: a fresh complexion ... Spinach and all those yummy vegetables are full of the antioxidant 'beta-carotene'. Your body converts it to vitamin A, makes the skins surface smooth.

The Skin Diet

Beauty benefit: dewy skin .. I'm not going to go into great detail as there is a whole post on this! 

Things to avoid! 
Everyone knows the foods that you should avoid or even eat moderated! 


Ashley said...

Love this post! I will definitely try eating these skin-benefiting foods! Thanks for stopping by my blog<3


Class and Glitter said...

they honestly work so well! love your blog! x