Teen Talk Tuesday; Stress

So, I'm going to introduce something called 'teen talk Tuesday' where I'll be talking about teen related topics! Because I'm a teen (15) I find it easier to write about these things than other adult problems! Haha!
Today's topic is ... 'STRESS'

What is stress?
Everyone, get's stressed. Whether it is work related, school or even relationship stress -everyone experiences it! But What exactly is it? Stress which is also know as  the "flight or fight" response, increases our heartbeats, which then speeds our metabolism and heightens our awareness for things around us. Stress in small amounts can be good for us and our bodies. However if these stressful feeling  last for long periods of time,they can keep you in panic for too long.This then starts to affect us physically, mentally and emotionally.

How is it caused?
Stress can be caused by a numerous reasons, it really depends on the person it is happening to and how there body responds. What may be stressful for me, may not be stressful for you.

  • Family problems - these can include divorces that may be happening, deaths within the family or even money problems.
  • For many teens, moving into a new school can also cause stress
  • Difficulty in school - if a maybe have learning difficulties, or even stress over exams.
  • Friends - There may have been a fall out over friends, peer pressure or even at this age relationship problems.
  • Too Much - You may actually be doing more than you can cope with, too many actives at school or out of school, part time jobs and so on. 
  • Body Changes - this basically speaks for its self.
  • SLEEP! - Not having enough sleep can really affect you mentally and cause you problems and stress.
  • Future- You may be at the stage, where you have to decide/plan what you may be doing in the future.
Don't 'stress' though guys, there are many solutions and ways you can work around this..
  • Talk - Talking to your parents/friends/family or even teachers about what may be bothering you is the way to get started. By Talking to someone else and working out your problems will help reduce the built up tension you have inside. 
  • Relax - Find something you enjoy doing, even if it is just watching TV or watching YouTube videos. Your mind will become at rest and you don't have to worry about anything.
  • Be prepared - Don't wait until last minute to finish off projects, homework ect. this can cause you un-needed stress that you really don't need. Feeling prepared and ready for things can reduce lots of built up stress. 
  • Relaxation techniques - Techniques such as Breathing exercises or even meditation are great techniques for getting rid of the built up tension inside.

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