Dress to suit you ♥

As it is currently party season, and coming up to new years eve with all the party's. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a guide on how to dress appropriately for the body shape that you are. The worst thing to do is to wear something unflattering and have everyone talk about you.

A pear shaped women has hips that are wider than the shoulders, your bottom is rounded and your waist is noticeable. Your best feature's are your shoulders, and the flat stomach. My drawing attention to your waist and arms you are balancing out the upper and lower body.

DON'T - wear items of clothing that focus on your hips & thighs
DO- Mix up light and dark colours so they contrast.
DO- Wear strapless dresses to show off those arms and balance the top and bottom.
DO- Go with the pointy toed shoes to elongate your legs.

Rectangular body shapes have hips,shoulders and a waist that are similar in width. Your best feature's are your arms and legs which means you don't have to take attention away from other parts of your body. BY just creating curves in your body you are showing those arms and legs off.

DO - Wear tops that have collars, ruffles or any detail that will flatter your top half.
DO - Layer items of clothing to add more shape.
DO- Feel free to experiment with a range of different colours.
DON'T - Go too daring with prints and patterns

Women with apple shapes figures find that their weight gathers above the narrow hips that they have. There ribs, back and shoulders are broad and can tend to make you feel wider than others. But a advantage to being apple shaped is the LEGS!! If you show off the legs and create the image of having a waist - you'll look amazing!

DO- Buy tops with v-necks for a longer torso image.
DO- Wear belts that fit around the smallest part of your waist.
DO- Go for the empire tops and dresses which will do their best to hide any tummy bulge.
DO- Boot cut and flared jeans are your best bet to create a even line from head to toe.

Being an hourglass figure, means that you are a very lucky woman! Your hips & shoulders are similar in width and lie in between a tiny waist. CURVES are your best assest ... showing these off will get anyone drooling.
DON'T- Please don't cover up those curves with baggy clothing
DO- Wear dresses that are fitted to show off those curves
DO- By wearing a belt you are showing off that hourglass shape
DO- Go and try wearing skinny or straight leg jeans.

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