3 To Try #1

The summer months inspire me to really switch up and try new things with my makeup. I think my mood is heavily dependant on the weather and lighter days, which go in hand with different makeup. These are three products that I have recently been using and have absolutely fall in love with! 

I got this after seeing it online, as it promises to smooth, blur and control the shine. I did not like it when I first used it, it pilled and did nothing for my skin. Then I started to experiment and using it a few different ways. My current favourite is to pair with a different primer. I start by using a small amount of this blurring primer only in my tzone and then a different primer in all the other areas. It works like a dream and really does control oil! I want to try more from the range as it all seems to be tailored towards my skin type which is amazing.

I ordered a mini of this bronzer when they relaunched it in more shades and became completely obsessed. I used it up so quickly that I just knew that I needed to have the full size. I can't put this bronzer down. It gives my skin the most beautiful bronzed finish, its a matte finish which can be layered under blush or another shimmery bronzer. The shade range isn't brilliant but there is definitely a shade for everyone.

I must admit, I am not much of a concealer person. They aren't really something that I've ever used. I adore the NARS Soft Matte to use under foundation but other than that I don't tend to use one. I was gifted the Kosas one for my birthday and really enjoy using it. Its the perfect shade to wear under my eyes and to brighten other parts of my face. I use it more when I am wanting a full coverage look.

I love discovering new products instead of just using the same things, its nice to rotate things and change it up every so often. 


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