Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur Review

I've officially broken up for the summer and have no excuse to not be blogging and posting! To kick things off, I am talking all about my new favourite lipsticks. The Flawless Lip Blur's from Charlotte Tilbury are my current obsession. I never thought I would go back to liquid lipsticks but this may have just turned me.
These are a matte liquid lipstick, which has some sort of amazing powder blur technology in them to smooth and mattify the lips. Despite being matte, they have something in them to keep them hydrating on the lips and are formulated to last all day. 

There are a total of 8 shades in the range and the two I have aren't enough! I need more. These are comfortable, lightweight, long lasting and so beautiful on the lips. I love wearing these for work as I can put them on at 7am and know that they will still be on at 6pm. It fades slightly from the sides but nearly every lip product does that to me. 

The applicator is the shape of a diamond and makes application really easy. I love pairing both of these shades with the Pillow Talk lip liner and sometimes love adding a gloss to give me a slightly different look altogether.

If you can remember the L'Oreal liquid lipsticks that came out a few years ago or you love the NYX ones, these are very similar. They are a whipped formula which look and feel lovely on the lips. I am utterly obsessed with them. Great if you love lipsticks and need something new to try! 

Pillow Talk Medium is a a cool, dark nude. I love the medium range of pillow talk (lipstick and liner are amazing) and this is just the perfect everyday nude. 

For something a little different and more pink, Rose Blur is perfect. Its warm toned and gives me such a pretty summer look. 

Have you tried either of these? They are honestly beautiful!! 



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