Autumn Transitional Favourites

                         Autumn is one of those seasons where the weather really is unpredictable. You just can't call on what is going to happen. Last week, I had my coat out for the first half of the week and then put it away towards the end. With the dark mornings making a return its time to give the makeup and skincare routine a shake up to get ready for the cold season. I thought I would share with you my favourite transitional items...                    


NARS Soft Matte Foundation // I love so many different foundations and I am always changing the one I wear on a daily basis or even mixing different ones together. More recently, I've been loving the Soft Matte Foundation! The colour is not my friend at all, it comes off really yellow but after concealing and cream bronzing it becomes my colour and looks perfect.  Great for the day and night and amazing long lasting coverage. 

Saie Cream Bronzer // Mentioned quickly in the previous item but this is life changing. I love everything about this cream bronzer and it is the first one I have ever tried, so the bar is set very high. I love the shade - perfect undertone for me. It blends in to the skin like a dream and a small amount is all you need.

Beauty Bay Blush in Blossom // I recently ordered some bits from Beauty Bay's own brand out of curiosity and I haven't stopped using them since. In fact, I can't stop talking about them! The blushes and bronzers are beautifully made, pigmented and so long lasting. I love the shade blossom for everyday and have received so many compliments on it.  

Natasha Denona Mini // Warm tones are my thing, they just speak to me and suit me so well. This mini palette is the perfect one for you if you're like me. It has the most gorgeous shade range and you can create so many different looks from it. I really am thinking about buying a full size ND palette as the formula is incredible and this one is a little battered! 

Nude Lip Combination // There is nothing that screams autumn more than a deep red/purple but I am just not daring enough. I can't help but still use a nude shade. MAC Twig comes out at this time of year as its the perfect deep, mauve almost pink shade that suits this time of year so well. When paired with Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Lustre in Sweet Stiletto my lips look like they belong on a runaway. 

Nivea Q10 Day and Night Creams* // All this lovely makeup wouldn't even look nice without the skin prep underneath. My go to moisturiser combination has been from the budget brand that is Nivea. These are both thick and luxurious but sink into the skin and give such a supple feel. I love using the day and night one as its non greasy and you don't have to wait a while for it to dry down. 

During autumn I always hear people rave about having baths with lots of bubbles and lovely oils, but to tell you the truth, I hate baths. Much more of a shower person and who wouldn't be when you can buy the most beautiful shower gels like this one which is Honey Suckle and Bio Oil. A winning combination and that makes my skin feel like I've just had a full body massage. Its really lovely on my skin and smells amazing. 

I am a huge lover of supplements and have mentioned different ones in the past. I love so many and have a few on rotation - being mindful of what I am taking of course. The newest one to my roster is the Complete Me Sleeping Beauty*, which has just recently launched on QVC and is getting glowing reviews. One of these little tablets contain - magnesium, vitamin b6, zinc and lemon balm. All of these help to promote a healthy and restful sleep. I've been battling a horrible cold this week (the joys of working in a school) and sleeping at night has not been a struggle and I put it down to these. They have helped me get a good nights rest and forget about feeling all groggy and run down. If you've never tried a sleep supplement or even just a supplement for your overall health Complete Me are a great place to start. 

I am loving all of these products and they are making me love this time of year even more. I can't believe the year is nearly over! What do you love using at this time of year? 



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