Top 3 Pixi Milky Products

Pixi are one of many brands that I love. Their skincare and makeup is incredible and I am very lucky to be on their blogger PR list, its a dream. Everything I have tried from them, can be found under the Pixi tag, my love for them is indescribable. A few months ago, they very kindly sent me their Milky range, I thought instead of doing a round up post, I would share the 3 products that I have fallen head over heels for. 
pixi milk range

 3. Hydrating Milky Peel

This is a great at home peel for anyone who loves giving their skin some serious exfoliation. It retails for £24, which is cheaper than any peel you can have professionally.  The peel has a very cream like feel to it and is very easy to use and feels gentle yet clearing on the skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells, brightens the skin whilst not stripping the skins natural oils and drying the skin out.
I have sensitive skin, which is prone to breaking out. This peel hasn't (thus far) irritated my skin in the slighest. It gets a little red which is understandable but it makes it feel so soft and looks glowy after using. I tend to use this weekly.

2. Milky Tonic

Tonics are incredible for the skin and the Pixi ones are just out of this world. This tonic is infused with oat extract that helps to balance out irritated and angry skin. It smells incredible, but doesn't anger the skin and leaves my skin feeling nourished. I love using it after cleansing in the morning and patting it in to the skin as opposed to using a cotton pad. The tonic comes out of the bottle slightly cold, which made me start putting it in the fridge...not sure if you're meant to do this but I've had no issues so far with it. The cool, refreshing feeling of this liquid on my skin is amazing.

1. Hydrating Milky Serum

Serums are a product that I can't live without, I am seriously considering doing a whole post on my favourite ones because I love so many!
They are a great way of giving the skin some boost, and this one does just that. The white liquid seeps straight into the skin and makes the skin feel bouncy and supple. Its perfect if you have dehydrated skin, my skin has been so dry since being indoors for so many weeks and this serum has been the perfect addition to my routine to bring some life back. For me, this works much better at hydrating my skin than hyaluronic acid is.

I love this milky range and these three products have really sold me, I now need to try and see if I get along with the rest of the products...Have you tried this range?


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