6 Things To Do During Self-Isolation

What a crazy world we are living in at the moment. It all seems a bit surreal, I keep thinking this is all a dream/we're living the life of characters in a movie or something. We're a few weeks into the UK lock down and my life has changed so much. I work as a teacher and schools were shut around 3 weeks ago, we're teaching online now, which is new in itself and working from home is a completely different concept to me. I'm still trying to find that balance between sleeping and working, hopefully I'll crack it soon! 

In today's post, I am sharing with you some ideas of keeping yourself busy/entertained during this lock down period or if you're in self-isolation for any reason. There's a little bit of everything in here, let me know if you have any suggestions too! 
1. Movies, TV Shows and More
I am obsessed with the world of movies and television, there are so many things I watch and love. If you want to get hooked to a new series and binge watch something, check out my various picks from these posts in the past. There is plenty to choose from and discover. Movie wise, I'm in Disney+ world and its amazing. Signing up for the subscription was the best thing I ever did, my whole family are getting use out of it and we can't help but watch something nearly every night. Last night was Tangled - magical, beautiful and so sweet!

2. Find a New Hobby
There is no better time than now to learn a new skill. I've currently got my hand dipped in two, calligraphy and knitting. Both of these are something that I have said I want to learn and do, if not now then when? I've been practising my lettering skills over the weekend and I've had so much fun!

calligraphy teens

3. Cooking

Been at home has given me the time to cook different dishes. Between my family, we have been taking it in turns to make different dishes and try new things. We've had lots of different pasta dishes (big pasta lovers) and some other cuisines too, such as Spanish and mexican. Its also been a great way of using up what we have to reduce the amount of food we have to buy when we go do an essential shop.

4. Game Nights

Game nights, quiz nights, board games, all of those traditional things people do are something that we as a family household don't tend to do. However, since spending more time at home and being together, its given us a chance to play and have some fun. Its scary how competitive we all are - especially with Monopoly.

5. Cleaning and Organising

I began sorting my bedroom out the first week at home and my mum thought I was crazy but there was a method behind my madness. I can't be working in a place where there is just stuff everywhere! So, week by week, I've been decluttering areas in my room and finding things in the process.
antipodes self care
6. Skin Pamper
This has been a great opportunity to give my skin some time and love too, its been nice to spend time in the mornings and evenings applying my products and almost giving myself a little face pamper everyday. Antipodes very kindly sent me over a self care kit*, filled with their best products and I've been using it all non-stop. The gel moisturiser in particular, has become my favourite product. Its a lightweight consistency, gel like and so cooling on the skin. I love the rose scent it has and the way it makes my skin feel. The eye cream is a firm favourite of mine already and the lipsticks are nourishing and have more of a tinted balm feel to them, which is ideal for when your indoors. 

If you have any other ideas to share with me, please let me know. Stay safe and take care. 


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