Winter Skincare Routine

Happy December! I can't believe the most exciting (and busy) month of the year is upon us already. I for one, am very much looking forward to the all the festivities. As a primary school teacher, everything is more exciting at this time of year. Even though everything is fun and cosy, there are things that make it unbearable, one thing being - the weather. It has been so cold recently and my body has really taken the brunt of it. I've been poorly all weekend and my skin has been dry AF. I was in desperate need of a new skincare routine a couple of weeks ago and switching things up has been the greatest idea of mine. 

winter acne skincare routine

My Routine

Of course the first step is cleanser, I use Cerave hydrating one or the Caudalie Vinosource, as it helps to remove makeup but also clean my skin in the deepest areas. Then, I begin to layer products and work my way up to achieve optimum hydration.

Serums are a product that I can't live without, I love all the Pixi ones (glow, vitamin c) but my new obsessions are from The Ordinary. I love how affordable yet effective the brand is, and its been a fair few years since I've used anything from them. The first one I apply is the Niacinamide +  Zinc, this is the serum that I use to help reduce blemishes and skin texture. Oh man, this works a treat. I've always had texture around my chin and nothing could get rid of it, until I started using this about a month ago. I apply this in the morning before makeup and it just makes my skin feel and look amazing.

In the evening, instead of applying this, I apply a thin layer of Hyaluronic Acid. I always knew the benefits of using hylauronic acid but never ventured far with it, now I regret now using it in my routine earlier. My skin feels soft, smooth, hydrated and comfortable. No more tight, irritated and stressed skin! Adore this serum.
acne winter skincare

Its then time to layer on some moisturiser. I am very picker when it comes to moisturiser, I hate my skin feeling greasy or the cream/oil feeling heavy on the skin. It needs to be light, absorb quickly and not clog up my pores. For a while I have been using Rose Hip Oil, this not only gives the skin some hydration but it really helps with my acne scarring. When it comes to ultimate hydration I have obsessed with the Cuticura Mildly Medicated Skin Cream*. I've only had this for a while and took part in their 7 day challenge. They are certain that within a week, the skin will transform from flaky and dry to nourished. I didn't believe the claim at first but I've got to say I am impressed. 

My skin tends to get dry around any spots I have, due to Sudocrem drying it out. Around my eyebrows (odd but I'm sure its normal), my nose and neck. Within three days, I found that my skin wasn't as tight or dry. It is quite thick and takes a while to absorb but its well worth it for the results. I am so excited to carry on using it and seeing how much my skin changes.

cuticura cream

The optional extras that I have in my skincare routine, might not be for everyone. I have to use a lip balm all through the year, without a shadow of a doubt my lips will always be dry. I tend to keep a tube in every handbag, one at work and one next to my bed. This means that for all scenarios, I am covered and sorted. The Bee Good Lip Balm* is fabulous for lips like mine that feel ok but underneath are cracking and dry. 

If you are really suffering from dry skin then I can't recommend sheet masks enough. Bubu are a brand that have just launched on Pretty Little Thing are well worth checking out when you're doing your clothes shopping. There are different masks for different problems, I love using the #soakmewet* mask to give my skin a boost and infusion of moisture. It contains the power ingredient - Hyaluronic Acid & Liquorice Root. Both of these help the skin restore moisture back in and leave it feeling soft and plump. I've ordered more of these in the PLT Black Friday sale as they were reduced to £5.60! 

Honestly, following this very simple yet effective routine has been life changing for my skin. I'm cracking down on the dryness, controlling my breakouts and giving my skin a glow that I never thought it could have. What are your dry skin saviours?

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