Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser Review


Cleansers are one of those skincare products that I am so fussy about! I need something that is going to refesh my skin, make it feel clean but not break me out like crazy. I'm very careful with brands, ingridients and the formula. Caudalie is a brand that I adore and always have, their serums, elixir and even the moisturising sorbet are just some of the products I love. This time my heart has been taken by the Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser* (£16). 

This gel cleanser is enriched with salicylic acid, grapeseed polyphenols and a blend of different essential oils. The cleanser really does cleanse the skin without leaving it dry or irritated. I have never used a cleanser like this, the texture is a gel but it isn't harsh on the skin. Its gentle and so lovely on my very problematic skin. 

Since using this for around a month, every morning and night I have seen a difference in the size of my pores, the amount of sebum that is produced on my skin. Which in turn is reducing the amount of blemishes that are appearing on my skin, which is the biggest win of all. The range also includes a toner, serum and moisturiser which are all on my list to try next! 

with code PURE2019 until 30 September! 

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