Preparing the Skin for Makeup

Makeup is wonderful, the different type of products, packaging, tools - all of it.The whole process from start to end really relaxes me and puts me in a calming mood, even when I'm in a rush. The part that is really important before any of the applying or blending is the preparation. Products/steps that you should take to get the skin ready for the makeup. For some people its a whole routine, for me, its a quick few things and I know that it will leave me with plump and ready to go skin...

Clean the Skin

This is the most important step of all! Before applying any makeup, the skin needs to be clean and free of any dirt and grime. If you skin can take a physical exfoliate, then using that would be amazing to remove the dead skin, but my skin is too sensitive. Instead, I love using a creamy, hydrating cleanser that I know will clean, prepare and make the skin nice and clean. This Bee Good 2 in 1 Cleanser* is perfect for that. It is actually great for a morning cleanse in general, not just for before makeup. Its full of rich, natural ingredients that my skin adores. It removes all the dirt, gives it a slight exfoliation and gives my skin such a boost of hydration. The honey gives it a great fragrance but nothing too heavy and irritating. After this my skin is left ready for anything...


After cleansing, there's always time for a little bit of toner. This can come in the form of a traditional toner or a mist like the infamous Caudalie Beauty Elixir*. I love this bottle of magic for so many reasons but applying it fresh out the shower has to be my favourite way of using it. The sweet scent fills the room and my skin gets an instant awakening and refreshment to it. There is nothing quite like this elixir. 

Lip Care

Lipsticks are my favourite makeup product after highlighters, but my lips have to be ready to take whatever I throw at them. Sometimes, I find myself applying several different lipsticks to get a perfect colour and this can do some damage to say the least. Applying a small amount of the Vanilla & Honey Lip Balm* to my lips before putting on any makeup helps keep them calm, soft and ready to take on the world. I tend to apply it during the preparation stage and then by the time all my makeup has been applied, its soaked in and given my a beautiful canvas to apply other products on top. It also smells incredible! 


This step is the final part in preparing for makeup for me, however there are so many other items that can be used. The stages go on forever. I prefer to keep things simple and quick, so a few high performing products are better than lots of little stages for me and my skin. I grab any moisturiser in the morning, it just depends whats in reach. Sometimes its this Sephora Instant Cream, or it can be good old Cocoa Butter. Anything that is going to help my skin stay hydrated and plump throughout the day and something that isn't greasy. It needs to sink in and settle pretty much straightaway.

How do you prepare your skin for makeup? 


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