New In: Code Beauty Mascara

I love finding new brands through blogging, smaller unknown ones, brands that are just breaking out and those that are run by people who have a genuine love for something. The lovely people over at Code Beautiful recently contacted me to try some lash bits from them and anything to give my lashes some lift. I've been trialling this as a duo, rather than one product with another (you'll see what I mean in a minute). 



Anything in monochrome has my heart straight away. It looks sleek and is so easy to spot above everything else. These two mascara came in the same sort of design boxes but coloured differently to tell the difference between each one. The mascara one in slim boxes with the details about the brand/product on the back. I love how they sit inside the box comfortably and in my makeup collection actually looks amazing! The tubes of mascara are a very decent size, not too bulky or too small to handle. 

This mascara is made for those of us with short, stubby lashes or those that want a fake lash effect with the hassle of putting the lashes on. My problem isn't the curl of my lashes, its lenght. They kind of just sit there and don't do much apart from get in my way. This FFL mascara is a pre-mascara plumper, hence the funny colour. You're meant to apply this before any mascara is applied to give it a boost and prep them. Meaning that even if you follow if with a mascara that is a bit of a dud, you will still have lovely lashes. 
The formula is very hydrating and gives your lashes some love, it doesn't flake and the bristles are designed to coat each lash with just one plump. 
One layer (as seen below) of this pre-plumper gives my lashes the lift they need and actually make them look like lashes and not frumpy little sticks. At first I found the formula really drying but then I realised that this is completely normal! 
code beautiful mascara
Now, this is a lot pricier than your usual high street Maybelline mascara, but sometimes I guess you have to spend that little bit more to get something to work well. Just looking at the brush alone should give you a hint at how well it works. Its a fibre based mascara that coats and awakens the lashes. I believe that the formula is enriched with vitamins to help lashes grow, personally I haven't noticed a change because all I seem to be wearing is this mascara haha. 
As well as giving my lashes the lift they need and length to make them look like actual lashes, its also waterproof. So perfect when it rains, I need to cry or even when my eyes get really watery. The first few times I used this, the mascara did flake on me but after getting used to the much drier formula than my typical mascara I noticed a difference. It just makes them POP. You can see in the photos below, what a difference the two together makes. 
code beautiful mascara
code beautiful

I have been using this combination every single day for work and have had so many compliments on how pretty my lashes look and they don't even look like I have mascara on! It is a bit of a faff having to apply two products to achieve an amazing look. As I don't find the mascara works well alone, this is the only way. I tried the pre-plumper with my trustworthy Maybelline Lash Sensational and it gave it more of an oomph. 

Things like this always seem really gimmicky but I love this duo!                              

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