Travel Essentials I Always Forget About

Whenever I go away, whether its a weekend away of a holiday there are always products that I forget. ALWAYS. These are the products, I end up buying at duty free, when in my chose destination or leave the house thinking 'I am sure there is something I have forgotten...'. They might not seem the most useful or necessary essentials to carry around but they are very multipurpose.
travel essentials that are essential

travel essentials

Rubis Tweezers*
Little did I know how much of a life saver tweezers can be! Great for eyebrows, ingrown hairs, peeling away skin (disgusting but useful if you have peeling skin), undoing stitching (Asian wedding probs) and so many more things! I love how these have a sharp yet curved design, making it easier to get into those awkward places. These have a pretty cool design too, just be sure to pack these in your suitcase if travelling by air and not hand luggage!

Lip Balm
The one product I always seem to be buying, much like hair grips all my lip balms disappear! I love anything from Carmex, Nivea and this one is Glossier Sheer Lipstick that the lovely Nishi got me. Granted I've only had this in my possession for 24 hours but I am OBSESSED. It gives my lips a slight hint of colour and nourishes them at the same time. If you have a clear and scentless lip balm it is great to apply on the elbows and knees to disguise and help dry skin. 

RosehupPLUS Rosehip Oil*
Any oil in general is amazing to take away with you, even if you just take a small sample of it. This bottle only contains 50ml, so is perfect for hand luggage and to store in your makeup bag. It is made of 100% natural and cold pressed rosehip oil that feels incredible on the face and body. I have been using this at night as the final step in my skincare routine to help nourish my skin, but it has also been amazing to use on my legs. Since coming out of hiding, my legs are super dry and lacking life. Applying some of this oil, seems to add a nice sheen on my legs and hydrate them. Rumour has it, this is a fab hair oil too - who would have thought a little bottle of oil would have so many benefits!

don't forget travel essentials

Hand Cream
Just like lip balm, hand cream is a product that I always loose. Cerave, are a brand that I have completely fallen in love with and this hand cream doesn't smell like strawberries or peaches, but it works wonders and does the job. My hands are always dry and this makes them feel softer, hydrated and clean. Not sure if hand cream can make hands feel clean but this does and its amazing. Defiantly, a staple in my travel bag this year! 

Twist & Spritz*
With the 100ml restriction at airports, perfume can be a hard product to debottle and store to meet the rules. The Twist and Spritz from The Fragrance Shop puts all of these problems to rest. These bottles retail for £10 and allow you to fill them up with any fragrance you like, whether this be a body spray or your favourite perfume - you don't have to be without. Mine is currently filled with Alien as it is my favourite scent of current time, but I am excited to fill it with something different next time around. Having a refillable bottle like this, makes carrying things through security a lot easier and because of the size, it just slots into everything. 

I hope that this post will remind me to bring these things with me on holiday! Are there any products that you always forget to pack and end up needing?


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