The Power Duo From Indeed

My skin is oily and always will be, but there are times when it is seriously dry and nothing other than slapping on lots of moisturiser cures it. However, I hate the feeling of lots of product on my skin and need something that feels lightweight and soft. For the past month, I have been using a duo from the Indeed Labs Hydraluron range to see how it feels and changes my skin.  

indeed labs review

Hydraluron Mositure Serum
Hydraluron Mositure Serum (£24.99)

Using a serum is something that I never really used to do but this one is different to your everyday serums. This contains hyaluronic acid which is the most hydrating ingredient available in the skincare world. It helps to nourish the skin, help with anti-ageing and diminish dull skin. Using this serum at night before a water based moisturiser (more on below) gives your skin ultimate hydration. I don't reach for this every night because my skin doesn't always need so much moisturising, so this comes out when my skin needs an extra boost. 
The thing I love most about this product is that it isn't fancy/sold as this amazing life changing product. Its simple, straightforward and does what it says on the tube. It makes my skin very soft, glowy and adds a bit of plumpness too. 
Hydraluron Moisture Jelly

Hydraluron Moisture Jelly (£24.99)

Now, if you thought the serum was good then this moisture jelly when paired with the serum makes this duo POWERFUL. The packaging of this is different to other moisturisers, you pump it out of the top instead of scraping inside the tub, as a girl with nails this is life changing. This just like the serum is made with hyaluronic acid and PatchH20 technology which together words to eliminate dehydration's, signs of ageing and of course dry skin. This feels weightless on the skin, I apply quite a generous amount and still can't feel it on my skin. It doesn't feel tacky or sticky, it just settles straight away and the jelly like texture is so much fun! Just like the serum, I only apply this when my skin needs it and the next morning after using this duo my skin is completely transformed. No dryness to be seen and skin that feels and look refreshed and alive. To say I like this is an understatement,

Have you ever tried anything from Indeed? I want to pick up more! You can find them in Boots and online too. 
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