GRWM: Glam

One of the many videos I love to watch online are GRWM (better known as get ready with me's) so today I thought I would do that but in a blog post format. Here's hoping it kind of makes sense. This is the makeup/hair look that I wore a couple of weeks back to my very early birthday (6 months) meal with my bestie who works abroad. I loved how the final look turned out!                                      

I have been obsessed with the Becca Backlight Primer, it gives my skin such a glow but without it looking oily and messy. When paired with Double Wear, which is a very matte foundation it makes my skin look semi-glowy and semi-matte which is honestly a match made in heaven for me. This duo lasts for a good 7/8 hours which is just incredible. For concealer I am still very much in love with the MUR concealer, in fact it is nearly finished - which has amazed me but the coverage, formula and colour is just perfect. At this point my face was looking very flat, so I added some bronzer to give me more of a face shape that was defined and slim looking.
eyelashes for glasses


I am so indecisive when it comes to eye makeup but my go to is always gold and nothing else. So, I ended up taking the top row of shades from this GWA palette and blending them together to make my crease/lid. Then taking the tiniest bit of the Primark pigment I applied this to really enhance the gold however this is more of a yellow toned gold rather than true gold so I had to really blend and fix it to suit me more. These retail for £5 as a set of 3 and are such a good investment! 

As it was the evening and such a special occasion I decided to add a pair of fluttery lashes, these are the Radiance ones from Esqido ($29). They have just the right amount of volume and length to make my eyes not only look wider but bigger underneath my glasses and they fit like a glove so I didn't experience any discomfort. This glue is also LIFE CHANGING, I think I have found my favourite lash glue ever ever, the fact that its in a tube with an applicator makes it so much easier to apply and control. It dries very quickly and clear which helps with hiding it on your own lashes. These have a very thick band, which I didn't think I would like at first but it looks ok once mixed in with mascara. I adore how these look and my eye makeup looked stunning, I added a extra bit of glitter eyeliner to make the look even more amazing. 

shea moisture shampoo and conditioner

For hair, I went with the very sleek and straight look, in the morning I washed it using the Shea Moisture Smooth and Tame duo* (now available at Superdrug for £10.99 each). These are made using the super nourishing ingredient that is Argan Oil and the addition of Almond milk which helps to make the hair even softer. These smell amazing and I really did find that my hair was tamed and detangled after using it. The shampoo took a little while to lather up but nothing a bit more singing in the shower can't fix. I noticed that my hair wasn't as wavy/flicky out after using this and it meant that I just needed to blow dry with a brush to get it looking sleek and smooth. 

What are your favourite products to get glam with? 


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