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Becca are a brand that I hear and see a lot of online, they have only really just come over to the UK but I think are slowly but surely getting there name out everywhere and so they should. A few weeks back, QVC had an incredible deal on where you could get all these products for just £39. I tried to resist for a few days but then I caved (as per usual) because it is so beautiful and what a steal! They are all full sized apart from the highlighter, but the fact that's it is mini is adorable!! 
becca qvc deal

becca backlight priming filter

Hello new holy grail glowy primer!! This stuff, is magic in a bottle. I wasn't really one for a glowy base as my skin is quite oily but this gives me a glow, helps my makeup stay on longer and doesn't make me go oily throughout the day. Even with foundations that are matte such as double wear and loreal pro matte, this still gives me a subtle glow under my makeup. 

It has a thin, very watery texture that sits on top of the skin without feeling like it’s clogging everything up. As far as pores go, it smooths them over absolutely beautifully. When worn on its own, it gives such a radiant and warm glow to the skin. Under makeup, it provides the perfect canvas for foundation and other products go on top very well. I also have some dry patches at the moment because of strong spot treatment but this doesn't seem to cling on to them, which is just incredible! There is honestly not one bad word to say - if you haven't tried this, then try it!

becca aqua luminous foundation oily skin

The packaging of this is exactly the same as the primer, a frosted glass bottle that is very tall and thin. The difference is the applicator. The primer has a pump, whereas this has some fancy pipette, style dropper - I personally am a fan. I love having a different and unique way of applying foundation on my face and it does make the very liquid formula easier to apply. I am so torn on how I feel about this foundation. 
As soon as you apply and blend it in (a brush works much better than a sponge) it blurs imperfections and hydrates my skin whilst still leaving a soft focus finish. The formula is a little thicker than most luminous foundations I have tried in the past, and you have to give it a good shake before using otherwise it seems to gather. I find that it leaves a satiny finish on the skin, at the moment my skin has no texture but if it did this would defintely settle and cling. I powder all foundations, no matter what it says on the tin and this definetely needs it to keep the finish. This is a a very light coverage foundation, that almost just adds some glow and colour to your skin but not very much coverage. Even when I build it up, I still can't seem to get much coverage which is such a shame because the colour is perfect for me and the glow is incredible. I think this might be the foundation I take with me on my summer holidays because the lightweight feeling and light coverage is perfect for summer days. 
becca qvc review

I am not much of a corrector person, I always see Nishi using them and the difference is makes under the eyes seems incredible. They claim it to be a full coverage, creme corrector that eradicates under eye darkness. The product is infused with light reflecting illuminators and is said to smoothen and prep the skin ready for concealer. I love the formula, it is incredibly smooth. It can feel a little greasy, but if left to set before applying your concealer, this greasy like feeling goes away. The tiniest amount of this goes a long way, I have been using a eyeshadow brush to get it out of the pot and apply under my eyes, then use my finger to blend it out. I do find, that if you don’t pat this out fully, it will settle into fine lines. Putting this to the side, it does really work. When used under concealer, I can see the biggest difference to my dark circles, great for days when you have a late night.

Becca Liquid Crystal Gloss £15 & Vanilla Quartz Mini
Lip toppers seem to have become such a big thing recently and I never really knew the hyper until I've tried this one! This shade is very sparkly and glowy but have a smooth finish on the lips. I would say that they are on the thick side but don’t feel sticky like some normal glosses do. Scented with a sweet coconut vanilla tropical scent that makes me think of a cocktail or the beach! There is no taste to the gloss but the smell does go after a while. The sparkles in this is so intense, if you wear it its on its own then the glitter is very much there but if you layer them on top of a lipstick then the shimmer isn't quite as dramatic. Such a gorgeous addition to my everyday nude lippie! I love Champagne Pop from Becca and knew that this mini highlighter would be just as good if not better than that. It didn't want to photograph very well as it is very white and bright but its so pretty on the skin. I find it perfect to use on a everyday basis, more suited for skin tones that are paler as it has a pink tint running through, which on my skin doesn't show up very well. Nonetheless, it still is creamy, buttery and very long lasting.

The whole 5 piece is now £70, but I think a very good investment if you are looking at getting some Becca bits - I am hoping that it goes back down again because I want to get it for someone else! It has however, given me a very good impression of the brand and now I need more!! Amy has recently wrote a blog post all about her Becca collection and the palettes are BLOODY GORGEOUS!

Have you tried anything from Becca?


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