PMD: Does It Work?

Over the past year or so, I have seen a great deal of reviews on the PMD kit. For the past month and a half, I have been putting it to the set and I think now, it is time to share my thoughts, on whether it is a hit or a miss?! 
I have quite a lot of acne scarring on my face, particularly around me cheek area. This is from breakouts that have left a mark, some are treatable (more on that next week) others are so deep that it is next to impossible to use a product on them. Microdermabrasion has been something that my mum and I have been looking at doing for my skin, now that the breakouts have calmed down and my hormones have balanced out, the only real issue is scarring. That is where the PMD comes in, it seems to have worked a real treat on my skin. 

Inside the kit, you not only receive the main device but a plug, adaptors, 6 different disks and a plastic cap for the disks. Tucked away inside is also a very very good booklet and DVD that runs through all the different steps on how to use the PMD. I'm not usually one for instructions, but this was worth a read and watch. It made me aware of the correct way to use the machine and other benefits that I will be able to see. Including, the improvement of overall skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles. For those of us with congested skin, it helps to clear out any pores and dirt to leave the skin feeling fresh. 

The way it works is pretty amazing to be honest, each of the disks have cystrals on the surface. I have tried my very best to show you as close as possible below. These spin on the surface of your skin to exfoliate the dead skin cells and leave you with a new layer of skin underneath. It is very important that the skin is clean and dry, this avoids any dragging and pain. Always keep the skin taut and don't go over the same area twice. It will damage the skin rather than repair it. I have been using this once a week, it is quite a big thing for my skin to take and needs some time to rest in between. It has also meant that I have to be careful with skincare too, using nothing that is chemical or too exfoliating. 

Honestly, I can't find the words to describe the feeling of this little machine on your face. It is almost like a vacuum but not as strong, like a tug but not painful? I started with the white trainer disk as the instructions suggest and have now moved onto the grey one which is for very sensitive skin. I don't think I am quite ready for blue, but maybe in a few weeks time. This strength at the moment, is perfect for me and my skin is loving it. I use the device mainly on my cheeks and nose area, immediately after it is red (not a bad thing) but also so much more smoother. The body disks are great for using on the hard to reach areas such as the elbows, it can be a bit fiddly but having soft and smooth elbows with no dry skin or flakiness is a fight worth having. 

I have completely fallen in love with this device, at £135, it doesn't come cheap but compared to the cost of having the treatment done, you are looking at a life long investment. If you have any issues at the moment with scarring, wrinkles or fine lines and can't seem to get a product to work for you, then please give this a go! It has changed my skin for the better and unlike anything else, I really can't believe the results and next week I will go into more detail about the follow up products that have helped towards healing and clearing my skin. 


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