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        I've only ever mentioned it like a thousand times but my skin is a real battle. I've suffered with breakouts, oil and dryness for as long as I can remember. One week my skin is perfect and on the road to recovery, the next its horrible. For the past few weeks I've been able to balance it out using some incredible products that aren't skincare products but tools. Both of the tools are from Magnitone a brand that understands that everyone has different skin and create products that are suitable for all, even those with sensitive skin.
magintone review

magnitone review acne

Magnitone have recently bought out their WipeOut! Cleansing cloth that retails at £15, the set includes two microfibre cloths that helps to remove makeup with just water. If you read that twice don't worry about it, I did when I opened up the box. The concept behind these are to remove your makeup without the need for any removers, cleansers or wipes. I've used these a few different ways and each way has amazed me - they will be coming with on my travels for sure as they are so handy! The first few times, I used the cloths before cleansing and it removed everything from mascara to liquid lipstick but the clothes get very messy this way and you find yourself doing a wash everyday to have them the next day. I now use the cloth in-between cleansing. Either after my first cleanse to remove makeup after it has been broken down and before a second cleanse. Or after my second cleanse to remove anything that has been left over - it is crazy to see that there is still makeup left on my skin that cleansing hasn't always removed. It's a big thumbs up from me on the cloths!

Then there is the device that Magnitone are know for, the Barefaced Cleasning Brush. I tried one of these a few years ago but my skin started to go downhill fast, so I had to stop using it. This time round, my skin isn't that bad and is able to take anything you put to it. Cleansing brushes are a great way to ensure that your skin is clean before going to sleep and get a deep clean. I use this in the mornings only, due to using the cloth in the evening - too much effort having to do both at night. In the mornings, either before or in the shower (its waterproof!). I take the Cetaphil cleanser on the brush head and whizz it around my face. Cleansing everyday for the past two weeks has made a huge difference. My pores are smaller and I am breaking out a lot less as my skin is getting thoroughly cleaned. It is also pink, so what is not to love!

The cleansing brush retails for £70 and is available in three different colours.
Have you ever tried a cleansing brush?!
*in collaboration with Magnitone, all opinions and expriences are my owwn

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