For When Your Skin Needs A Boost

Early morning get ups and late nights have really taken a toll on my skin, it's looking dull and drained. No matter what or how much makeup I apply it still looks meh and boring. If you're experiencing the same thing or ever do these are just a few ways/products that can help to combat this and get you looking alive again without being too over the top. 

The most important way to give your skin the boost it needs is to think about what you put it in, water, vitamins and healthy food will give you an instant lift and feel good feeling. One thing to ditch is of course sugar, I can't cut it out of my life completely because girl needs her cake. But having days where I avoid any processed sugar helps me a great deal. It is also amazing how drinking water every day as much as you can helps the skin, mine feels so much more hydrated and supple, even if I have to go to the toilet about hundred times. 

Skincare wise, I bring out all the radiant claiming products that work. I've only had the L'Oreal Glow Mask for a few days but I am already in love, applying this for 5 or even 15 minutes gives my skin such a gorgeous finish. It also makes it feel really soft and cleansed, if you're yet to try out these masks, then please go and try! I also love the Caudalie VineActiv Moisturiser* applying this under makeup or even on its own makes my skin feel and look amazing.Its a really light formula that blends straight in without feeling heavy/looking oily. If an oil is more your thing then the Kiehls Midnight Recovery is the one.  When you apply this before going to bed, I guarantee you that you will wake up with new skin. The ingredients in here are combined beautifully to give your skin time to rest overnight and work wonders. 

Then there's the makeup that will instantly give your skin a boost. The products that you get excited over using are also going to give you a boost. For me this includes the NARS Orgasm Blusher & Too Faced Bronzer. Both of these add a gorgeous shimmer to the skin and make me look 100% more awake and alive. The blusher in particular has gold running through it so when it hits the sun it looks gorgeous. I said earlier that makeup hasn't been helping my skin look any better but these two products along with a good old highlighter helps. Applying a bit of highlight along the cheekbones, cupids bow and my new favourite place, the nose makes me look better compared to how I feel. Of course we can't forget concealer, the product that I can not live without. Recently, I've become a concealer junkie and applying different ones all around my face helps to make me look better than any foundation does.

These products are on rotation at the moment in a bid to give my skin a very needed boost! What products do you love when your skin needs a boost? 

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