The Foundation That Is Everyone's Holy Grail

Recently, I have become a foundation junkie. Always wanting to try them and see the different formula's around. Since discovering the Lancome foundation, its given me a urge to try out more high end foundations to see how they wear and compare. I took to the Internet to find out what other foundations people love, the one that constantly came out on top was the Estee Lauder Double Wear. This is actually one foundation that I have wanted to try for the longest time due to everything that it claims to be and do, next thing you know I'm in Debenhams at the counter getting shade matched. 

I actually matched to a range of shades, but went with the middle one in order to balance it out all year round. When I get darker in the summer, I'll need to invest in some sort of shade adjusting, mixer product to darken it up. 

estee lauder double wear review indian skin

I'm going to just put it out there, this foundation is the bomb. It stays in place, all day, everyday. Usually, I find myself having to blot or powder a few hours later but with this foundation there is no need for a midday foundation check up, because I know that it will see be there and no shine at all. The first day I wore this and did do a check up, I was in shock. Like, mouth wide open, shock, at the fact that there was no smudging, wearing away or oil. I've also been using this foundation whilst battling really dry skin and it has not clung to any skin or got patchy. 

The only issue with this foundation is the fact that it has no pump, but fear not you can just buy one! I got one from Ebay for less than £3, its from MAC, fits in the bottle perfectly and avoids making any mess. I find that applying two, thin layers of this foundation gives me the perfect finish. It looks full coverage, covers everything and gives me a flawless look. This is a foundation you have to work quickly with, it sets within minutes. I have found it best to work in sections of my face, cheeks and chin then nose and forehead. Trying to do it all at once doesn't help as it sets before you can blend. 

I always get scared trying products that are pricey, this foundation retails at £31 and if it disappoints you then that is money down the drain. But this hasn't let me down once since buying it and its nice to know that I can apply this at 6 in the morning and it will still be on at 6 at night. Basically, I am in love with this foundation and I am obsessed with using it everyday for work. I think it has now become my holy grail, another one to add to the list...

Have you tried Double Wear?

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