Breaking Stereotypes

The weather in the UK has been bloody fabulous these past few weeks, when the sun makes an appearance so do all the British people! We're like bees! To make the most of the spring weather, I took the opportunity to meet up with Aamira one week and shot lots of gorgeous pictures. That girl knows Liverpool like the back of her hand and found the most gorgeous location. It worked perfectly with this floral outfit! Expect to see other outfits over the next few weeks.
spring dress

This gorgeous navy blue floral dress is from my favourites over at Boutique of Molly, they have a brand new spring/summer range that you just want everything from, upon first look. Everything from maxi dresses to this cute off the shoulder piece. It is the perfect piece to wear now, through the summer and on a holiday getaway (not that I have one planned 😒 ). When we were taking these photo's so many people were staring, it is very odd to see a girl all dressed up, smiling infront a camera at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. One woman asked what we were doing and loved the idea of me having a blog and taking photos, even offered her front door for photos. Another lovely man made a joke because we didn't stand in front of his garden - it was lovely that people were being so positive.
boutqiue of molly

I'm not your typical 19 year old girl, I don't drink, go to student nights every wednesday or have crazy night out stories to tell you. But I do spend half my life writing blog posts, posting on instagram and work to earn extra money. The world we live in stereotypes everything, from what young people do to what the elderly watch on TV. Why should age matter? We should be allowed to do, say and see what we want to and live how we want to. The other thing that shouldn't matter is colour, I'm a Hindu and to me religion is so important. I'm not going to preach what I believe but whatever you do believe in, that is your choice. I've got a post coming up about how blogging isn't defined by age or colour and would love for you all to be involved. All it involves is answering a few questions about yourself, blogging and the topic in hand. If you would like to be involved then please do message me on twitter or let me know in the comments...

spring in liverpool

Didn't mean to turn this post into a slight rant, it was meant to be about this beautiful outfit!! Always going off on a tangent...

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