Bloggers Made Me Buy It

One thing that blogging has done for me, is a give me a negative credit card balance - all the damn time. Every time a blogger raves about something or a few bloggers share photos on instagram of a product it just has to be mine. Half the things in my makeup collection are blogger enabled so it is no surprise that my collection is so large, I think the power and influence bloggers/youtubers have is incredible. I've received such lovely messages in the past, saying that they're loving a product upon my recommendation. That is the best feeling in the world! I've tried to narrow down to the products that were mainly influenced by bloggers and here's what we have..
Blogger Made Me

When I heard about the L'oreal Pro Glow foundation had launched in the US and not the UK, I knew that it somehow had to be mine. Gemma posted all about how she got her hands on this foundation through Ebay and a few weeks later it was mine. This is very illuminated, it gives you nothing but a pure glow so only wear if you dare as too much can look awful. I have oily skin but seem to have found the balance between oily and glowy and this foundation with a mattifying primer underneath is perfect.  A recent purchase of mine is the NYX HD Concealer, this was completely enabled by Alex.  She swears by this concealer for under the eyes and boy I can see why, it conceals everything and brightens up my eyes. The Freedom HD Powder has become a fast favourite of mine, it is perfect at setting under the end, baking the contour and controlling oil. I can't remember who first talked about this or where I saw it, but this powder was on my list after someone reviewed it. 

Nishi is one person that has power over me, she can talk about something just once and I have to have it immediately. The ABH Modern Renaisance Palette was highly raved about by her and so many others, when it came back into stock it had to mine. This is one purchase that I do not regret, each shade is beautifully milled, pigmented and blends like a dream. The other ABH product is of course the Nicole Glow Kit, which Iqra  enabled me to buy after she caved. This has to be my favourite highlighting kit ever, it is gorgeous and super long lasting. 

The Lottie London Lip Kit is one of my favourite drugstore formula's for a liquid lip, it sets matte, lasts and smells amazing. Discovering these were thanks to Leanne, she is someone else who enables me all the time and these were the best things she could have suggested. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk has to hit the top of the list as the most talked about lip liner on planet earth, everyone seems to talk about how amazing it is. I can confirm that it really is. The colour of this is perfect for any lip colour on top and it has a lovely, creamy formula to it. There are so many people that love this liner but for me Amelia Liana is definitely one person that influenced the purchase.  

I tend not to fall for the hype of products just in case they are waste of time, but these few have not disappointed! Have you ever been influenced by a blogger?! 

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