Things That Make You Smile

If there is one thing that I stand by, then its been positive. I always look for the 'brighter side' of things in life, I'm one of those people that can't help but smile. No matter how much sleep, what's going on in my head I am always smiling. To the point where I even show my teeth, can't smile without showing them! At this time of year especially, there are always times to smile and things that make you.


things that make you smile

One thing that definitely makes me smile at this time of year is Christmas! Firstly, I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and that we are already in December - time is running away so quickly. Its the festive cheer, songs, decor and food that just make me all giddy inside and want to act like a 5 year old. The small things such as opening my advent calender and spending time with family and friends is one of the best things about this time of year.

Smiling in general makes me smile! With the amount of people flashing cameras around today, its important to be able to smile without hesitation and the best way I find to do that is by being natural. Try placing your tongue on the bridge of your mouth when you smile, as this will make it look a lot more natural. Lipstick is also your best friend, choose one that compliments your skin tone and will make your teeth seem whiter.
 There are so many physical things you can do to enhance your smile but there are internal things too, such as keeping them clean, healthy and if you aren't happy with your smile or teeth there are ways to overcome this. The Centre for Advanced Dentistry Yorkshire offer a wide range of treatments to suit each budget, person and need.

I also find that fashion at this time of year makes me smile and shiver at the same time, you get to layer up and be really cosy. Knee high boots such as these ones from Primark (£20) are my essential, they go well with everything and are comfortable to wear all day and night. Leggings are a staple in my wardrobe all year round because of how easy they are to wear, but in the winter I love Matalan's Thicker Leggings. They keep you warm and allow you to wear them just like jeans. Print is a big thing that I try to add into my wardrobe at this time of year, especially colours that are very autumnal. The gorgeous print top I have on here is from House of Fraser* (£19.50) and is a mix of white, red and yellow flowers on a black blouse. Its a lovely top to wear both in the evening and during the day, for the day I've paired it with a plain black top underneath to keep me warm!

Therapy  Frida Floral Print Top
autumn fashion

Another thing that makes me happy is friends, this weekend Aamira and myself are heading down to the Clothes Show for its final year in Birmingham! We've been together twice now, sort of a traiditon that we have, and it will be really nice to spend the weekend with her - have a good laugh and create some memories! 

I have to mention the very obvious one in my life at the moment, festive drinks. I can't walk past a costa or a starbucks without buying a festive drink off their menu. If you are yet to try them, then I suggest you hurry and pop down quick! From Starbucks I am loving the Toffee Nut Latte's and from Costa either the Honeycomb Latte or Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocoalte - which is to die for. I wish they were available all year round but then it wouldn't make it a special time of year would it?! 

In day to day life there are so many things that make you smile, you just have to find them. What makes you smile this month?

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