The Prettiest Festive Nails

For me, its an essential to have cute and festive nails at this time of year. This year, I wanted to go down the feminine, pretty yet Christmas themed nails. Before going to the nail salon, I browse Pinterest for hours trying to find something. Forgetting, that it is impossible to recreate something exactly the same! By the time I get to the salon, everything changes and I see a colour or glitter that is stunning. 

For example this time, instead of a classic red and gold nail combination I went with lilac! My nail lady had this colour on her nails and it was love at first sight, its a shellac colour so unfortunately I couldn't tell you the name even if I had it in me but the glitter is separate. 

She applied the lilac first, followed by the thin silver glitter. To create a stunning combination! They're slightly longer than I usually go for and a little more on the pointy side, but they have been easy to manage and keep a hold of. Shellac on top of acrylics also lasts a lot longer and when they grow out it doesn't look as bad. It costs more to apply shellac, but it lasts longer, looks better and the shine - oh my! 

Then for the festive part, keeping it simple and subtle we opted for a few delicate snowflakes on the fourth finger. How people manage to keep a steady hand when drawing things on like this I have no idea, every single one on both hands is so neat and perfect. 

Snowflake Nails

festive nails

I'm in love with these nails, what's on yours?! 

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