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As I've grown up, my love for perfume has grown with me. From loving and wearing impluse body sprays to gorgeous, high end perfumes. You start to find your own scent, the more that you try and I am a big love of sweet and spicy scents. When I was asked recently to try out Reload*, a new fragrance company that has just hit the scene - I couldn't resist. 

Reload is all about the mini perfume, so small that you can refill and keep it with you wherever you go. There is also the option to add a skin to make a plain black bottle, pretty and unique! 

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There are so many different refill options available to choose from, these three are the selection that I got to try and I definitely think that I will be buying the others to try.

#Insomnia is my favourite of the three, there are hints of cinnamon with in and it is perfect for this time of year. Its the one I currently have in the refillable pot and have had so many compliments on it! 
#Berlin is just one of the many sprays they have created inspired by different places around the world. This is a lot more sweeter than the first, and also very citrus based, with hints of lemon this is more for the girl who needs a strong and lingering scent. 

Then there is #Workout which is as fruity, as fruity gets! Its full of peach and orange, and is the perfect scent to spray when its warm, hot and you need something to get refreshed and get awoken.

Each scent retails at just £5, and even thought the bottle looks small it packs a punch. One spritz keeps you going for a long time and I've been using the same bottle for a good month now and I am not even half way through. 

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I decided to add the zig-zag skin to the plain black one to give the bottle a different look and get other people intrigued. I love knowing about what scents other people are wearing and love people asking me. Its also very easy to change the scent that you are using, by taking the bottom of the bottle off and clicking a new scent into place.

Its crazy to think that this entire concept hasn't come around sooner, its an easy way to try out different perfume scents to find your ideal one. As well as, a way to keep the purse happy and the handbag smelling amazing!


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