The £12 Valentino Dupes from Asda

If there are a pair of shoes that I want to own one day its the Valentino Rock star Studded shoes, heeled or not they will be mine one day. Something about them are so elegant, luxurious and of course stylish. Unfortunately, the student inside of me cannot afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on shoes because she has to pay bills and rent. Let's all cry together. A few months back my mum bought me these shoes, which are the closest dupes I could find to my dream pair. But I was wrong, Asda, yes the supermarket have something even closer, cheaper and beautiful. 
Asda Studded Ballet Pumps

Please welcome my £12 bargain pair of ballet pumps that are near enough as same as the actual ones. These t-bar flats are perfect to wear on an everyday basis with jeans or to dress an outfit up in the evening to look a bit more glam. They have a patent finish, pointed toe and just enough studs to make them look exclusive and not trashy. Sometimes wearing flats can be boring and in the winter all we want to wear is a pair of boots, but these have been taking first place of any boots that I own. 

To say they are only from George at Asda, they are super comfortable. I have been through shopping trips, train journeys and univeristy for a whole day with these on and no pain at all. There isn't a rubbing sensation or blister issue - these are like my cinderella shoes. 

Valention Rockstud Ballets Asda Dupes

If you would like to own a pair of these pumps then head into your local Asda or visit the store online to purchase a pair for just £12 - you will not regret it. 

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