The Brow Revolution

Eyebrows, what a love/hate relationship we have with them. They can either make us look incredible or god damn awful.
 Its hard to pinpoint when brows became just a big thing, I guess they were always important but never a necessary thing to keep on top of. As an Indian girl, I have been blessed with thick eyebrows naturally. They have been an absolute god send as they require very minimal effort. For years I went through a stage of only plucking the stray hairs, until recently when I started to focus on them a little more and pay attention to them. Every few weeks I have them threaded to keep the shape and thickness and use very light products to make them look fancy. 

benefit john lewis

The Benefit Define & Refined Brows set retails at £25.65* and includes four brow products to give you brows that could kill. The kit includes a conditioning primer (£19.35), brow mapping tool. my brow pencil (£16.65) and the high brow highlighter (£15.75). These products alone total up to £51.75, making the brow set well worth the money. All the products come in a gorgeous little box that is travel friendly and with a tips and tricks manual. The kit is the Deep 06 one, but there are ones specific to different shades, from light to deep making it easier to do your brows. 

benefit christmas 2016

The brow mapping tool has become one of my favourite beauty tools to use everyday along with my beauty blender. Its a ruler for your eyebrows, to help align them and show you where you need to start and finish the filling in - it is always in line with the base of your nose. Never got further out than that, otherwise you'll have sisters and not twins.

The items in the set are really easy to use and for any brow novice or professional are perfect to use everyday and take away on your travels with you. You start by using the conditioning primer to prep your brows and start a strong base to keep them in place all day, then you use the pencil. This comes double ended, one side with a spoolie to brush and even out the hairs and the other the pencil that is a very fine nib to fill in your brows precisely. To finish, take the brow highlighter right underneath the arch to tidy them up and look even more gorgeous. 

You can see in the picture below and even though my brows are already quite thick there are still a few odd and sparse hairs laying around. Filling them in, gives me more of a shape and defintion. Its true when they say that your brows can either make or break your entire makeup look.  

benefit brows dark

benefit brows gift set

I've fallen in love with this set and Benefit Brow products, can't believe I haven't tried their brow products out before! This has now become a three step routine that I have been taking everyday to ensure that my brows are ready to conquer the world. Do you love Benefit brow products? 

Also, on a soppy side note. Today I am celebrating 4 years of blogging - hooray! I've lasted and this is only the beginning of a very exciting journey ahead. Thank you all for supporting class and glitter all these years and here's to another 4 years. 

*pr sample

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