Makeup of the Moment #5

Its that time of the month again, nope not that one, the other one! Its time to share the makeup that I have been wearing recently and what better time to do it then at the start of a new month. Can you believe we are in August? Goodness, gracious me! Lately, I have only been going for these products and nothing else, even though I have so much to choose from. Also, realised that I didn't include my lip option in the first options because it was in my bag but I have added it in! 

makeup for oily skin summer

summer makeup for oily skin

Its all about that base...

Recently, I have been skipping primer and just using my moisturiser, its working really well ad means there are less layers on my face. I've been starting with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless, its my new holy grail. I'll have a post with a full review soon, it really does keep the oil at bay and lass all day. The other day, I mixed it with the Milani one and oh my goodness it is amazing. 

Back in the day, all I used was the Collection concealer and since rediscovering it a few months back, I have once again become obsessed. Its heavy duty, doesn't crease on me and covers all my imperfections amazingly well. To set all this the Natural Collection Loose Powder has been my go to. Move over pressed powder, loose powder is the one - it helps makeup last so much longer, is a lot lighter to wear and doesn't make you look cakey. Then I've been contouring with the Seventeen Contour Kit*, it adds definition into my face and makes me look more alive. Bronzer usually takes the spotlight position for me in summer but I don't think it will be this year. 

makeup geek must haves


Wearing eye shadow and a full eye makeup look everyday always used to seem irrelevant to me. As someone who wears glasses, my thought process used to be 'no one will see it, whats the point'. Let me tell you girls, its quite the opposite. Doing my eye makeup everyday is so much fun and I'm getting really creative with it all too. My 2 go to shades are from Makeup Geek (haul post here), Shimma Shimma as a highlight, Creme Brulee as an all over the lid and crease, then Cosmopolitan to really define the look. For mascara I've been using the Rimmel Volume Boost a great one to give you length and volume in one and then as my brows are pretty dark already, I don't fill them in just use the Maybelline Transparent Gel to set them in place.

Its not as much hassle to do an eye look as I thought it would be! 

becca champagne pop
summer mac and nyx

Added Extras...

For lips I've been going between two current favourites, MAC Mehr which is a gorgeous everyday pink. Its long lasting, matte and looks perfect with anything. Then NYX Cannes similarly a everyday pink, also matte because I find matte formulas work better on me than glossy. 

Then we move onto those finishing touches, since having MAC Fix+ in my life I can't stop using it. Its great to spray on to your face during the day, to finish off your makeup and my current go to use for highlighter. I take my brush and spray it before applying my highlighter, it really intensifies the look of it and brings out the shimmer. All I'm using at the moment is the Becca/Jacyln Hill Champagne Pop. This is everything and more, it is beautiful, long lasting and so pigmented a tiny bit goes a really long way. 

That's all that I have been loving recently, whats your go to makeup look at the moment? 

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