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The relationship I have with my hair is very odd, sometimes I love it and there are days where I want to cut it all off and have a Britney Spears moment. Its thick, stick straight and sometimes gets to a length that I love but hate. All sounds very complicated, sorry! 

The other day I headed to York, which is such a beautiful city. If you ever get the chance to go, you must - discover the little cobble streets, the cute cafes and the lovely sites. Hidden within the market streets is the new Rush Hair Salon.  It opened just 3 weeks ago and from hearing what owner Jess had to say, business is doing really well. The salon is open Monday to Friday till 8, Saturday till 6.30 and on a Sunday till 5pm. To fit around working peoples schedules, brilliant or what? 

The salon is absolutely gorgeous, all black and professional. It is also huge, you go to a fancy room in the back to get your hair washed - pretty amazing. Before the washing happened, Jess sat down with me and talked all things hair. I really loved the length of my current hair but when she looked at the layers in the back she suggested it might be better to take a little more off and then my layers will blend much better. 
Rush Hair York

Rush York

Rush Hair York

Rush Hair York

Washed, cut and blow dried later, I am in love. The weight of my hair had dramatically decreased as soon as she chopped layers into it. It sits just at my shoulders, frames the front of my face and overall looks a lot healthier and bouncy. 

I honestly wish that I could afford to have my hair blow dried more often, the result is fantastic! Going that little bit shorter is perfect for the summer time and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Jess and the lovely RUSH Hair Team for inviting me along!

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*I was invited to the salon, all opinions expressed are my own*

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