Mid-Summer Favourites

Its the summer season and slowly but surely the sun is making an appearance in the UK, wouldn't exactly call it the perfect time to write about my summer favourites - so these are my mid-summer favourites. The things I am currently loving, kind of like favourites but what I like at the moment and have been loving? Does that even make any sense. 

Mid-Summer Favourites

Miracle Beauty Serum By Sensuals


First up we have some gorgeous oils from Sensual, one for my face and one on my skin. On my skin I have been loving to apply the Cocoa Nib & Tea Tree Argan Oil(£16.99)* its non greasy and so lightweight that it immediately sinks into the skin upon application. Its great if you are a dry skin sufferer in the summer like me, my elbows have never been of felt better. This oil can also be used on the nails and face which I am yet to try but have very high hopes. Another reason why I love this oil is because it contains raw cocoa nibs that aren't processed or touched, so it retains all its goodness. The oil that I have been using on my face is the Citrus & HA Serum Argan Oil(£16.95)*. Which smells divine, I feel like I am in another country when I smell this. Serums are great to use in the summer because they are so light and nourishing, the added HA in this one proves a great find for your skin. This leaves my skin with such a glow at night and I wake up in the morning with a lot healthier looking complexion. Love it!


If you are yet to try loose powder, then I suggest you don't hold back any longer. I recently purchased this one from Natural Collection for just £1.99 and obsessed doesn't even cover it. Using a large fluffy brush, I apply this all over my face in the morning to help control shine. Which it does, along with keeping my makeup on longer and it feels so light and airy on the skin its brilliant. Yet to try this whole 'baking' trend but I shall let you know. 

If you follow me on social media then you may already know that NYX Cannes (£5.50) is my favourite, current go to, lip option. Its a stunning everyday pink that sits comfortably on the lips, lasts all day and the smell of this product is so sweet - its heavenly. I only have this one from the range but its enough to convince me to buy more, if you have any shade recommendations please let me know. 

opi bubble bath summer

Another NYX favourite of mine has been the illuminator in Magnetic (£8.50), it adds such a gorgeous glow for everyday wear. A little goes a long way too because it super pigmented. This whole range from NYX is beautiful and I really want to try more of their highlighters. 

When you think of summer you think of and nail polish you think of bright, I too am like that but these past few weeks I've been loving a nude nail. OPI Bubble Bath, takes a few coats to get the colour showing but it is stunning. Its a pale, barely there pinky nude and is perfect for me to wear everyday at work and add a bit of glitter over the top too. 

SPF is very important to use in the summer and the face is always a part where everyone forgets (me including). For my birthday I was gifted the M&S Beauty Box, which by the way is amazing and full of amazing things. Who knew M&S stocked so many amazing brands!! This one from Ultrasun is amazing, so lightweight and sinks straight in to the sun. My makeup doesn't seem to be affected by it either as its still applying as well.

god full stop bars


I'm still on a health kick, so increased water intake and reducing the amount of sugar is the ultimate goal. Working long shifts at work recently has also really taken its toll, so I need a quick snack to help me get through. Lately, I have been keeping the Good Full Stop Bars* in my bag as a quick on the go bite to eat. There is a wide variety of bars in the range from fruit and nut to chocolate flavoured ones, each of them are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. So far, I have tried the mint and chocolate and then mixed nut and fruit. Both are absolutely delicious and very filling to say that they are such a small bar. My personal favourite has to be the mint one because its like having a ice cream but its healthy! Love it. You can buy these online on the website, or in Grap Tree, Holland & Barrett and Premcrest for as little as £0.89.

Candles are one of my favourite things to have at home all year round. No matter the weather, day or time there is always a candle burning bright. These fancy coloured ones were a gift and smell so tropical when you burn them, its like you are in a different country! 

That's all that I have been loving recently, what are you current summerish favourites? 


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