10 Tips For An Incredible Hen Party

If you’ve got a big hen party to plan, then you want to make sure it goes down a storm with everybody involved. Plus, there’s one important person that needs to have an especially great time - the bride! These 10 tips should help you to have the most amazing day and night:

  1. Take The Bride’s Personality Into Account

When planning the hen party, make sure you take the bride’s personality into account. This is ridiculously important. If the hen party doesn’t suit her, then she won’t have a good time. This definitely isn’t what you want!

2. Don’t Forget To Invite Everybody Important To Her

It’ll probably be up to you to invite people, so make sure you don’t forget to invite everybody who is important to her. Some people have two hens, one that’s appropriate for elderly relatives too, and another that’s full of crazy drinking games and strippers. Make sure you know what she wants when it comes to who to invite.

3. Make A Big Deal Out Of It

Make a big deal out of this hen party. Make it last a whole weekend. Make it all about her. Do your best to make sure she has the most fabulous time. Whether you’re decorating a table for dinner or planning a huge party, make it a big deal!


4. Make Sure The Bride Is Always Happy

The most important person in all of this is the bride, so you need to make sure she’s always happy. Make sure she always has a drink and a smile on her face. If she wants to leave somewhere, leave. It’s her party!

5. Make Sure There Are No Discrepancies

Keep an eye out for any discrepancies and arguments that could put a downer on the night. If you can, nip them in the bud before the bride gets wind of them. Alcohol can fuel arguments, so you must be vigilant.

6. Keep Spirits High

Try to keep spirits high, if you need to. Some people are natural party poopers, so do your best to keep the atmosphere positive.


7. Have Some Fun

You can still have fun if you opt for a classy hen party over one that’s all tacky. You can get hen party props in all styles so you have an authentic hen party experience!

8. Make Sure Everybody Knows It’s Her Hen

The hen might get special privileges seeing as it’s a special occasion. She might get free drinks, a free meal, anything! Make sure everybody knows it’s her hen, from waiting on staff to barmen.

9. Be Prepared To Put Her To Bed

If the bride does like a drink, then you need to be prepared to put her to bed. On a regular night out you wouldn’t be expected to babysit anybody, but if the bride thinks it’s a good idea to get hammered, then you need to deal with it with a smile on your face.

10. Keep Some Things A Secret

Don’t give everything away when telling the bride about her party. Keep some things a secret!

Have lots of fun!  

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